5 Yamaha Royal Star Venture Problems [With Easy Fixes]

The Yamaha Royal Star Venture is a powerful touring motorcycle featuring a 1294cc, four-stroke, V-4, and liquid cool engine to generate over 75 HP in power and 111 ft-lbs in torque.

Its power-for-size ratio was an absolute beast for the years 1996 to 2001.

Yamaha Venture offers a bundle of convenience features and advanced safety protocols to enhance your riding experience and make it a memorable motorcycle for your needs.

However, it still is not flawless.

Even after 3 decades of launch, Yamaha Royal Star Venture problems have been a painful area for its users. Our team experienced similar feelings and many issues in its trial.

Let’s take a look at each of them.

Yamaha Royal Star Venture Problems

The Yamaha Royal Star Venture problems cover clutch distress such as basket failure and gear noise can dampen the ride even more. Electrical problems are severe in this motorcycle, we will cover them one by one, and in-depth. The carburetor and fuel issues lead to compromised performance and frequent stalling. Overheating, radiator faults, coolant, engine vibration, worn-out parts, and signs of poor maintenance.

Its suspension can also get you in trouble causing damage to your rides.


1. Clutch And Transmission Problems

Starting from its transmission problems, which are not so common, the way. But, it’s undoubtedly amongst the most frustrating and expensive problems a motorcycle can ever have. 

Yamaha, as a Japanese manufacturer, brings quality to the table and it is reflected in their models. But, exceptions are everywhere and failures can occur for some reason, of course.

The course of clutch and transmission failure can vary from individual to individual.

However, a common similarity we found in our investigation shows that Royal Star Venture’s clutch fails in a certain way after 30 to 40,000 miles of riding. 

The lifespan of a clutch can be between 30,000 to 100k miles but 30k seems pretty low for an expensive touring bike.

But, if we dig deeper into the reasons for failure, things become understandable. There have been some makes and models for this motorcycle whose clutch fails early.

The issue takes its roots in Yamaha Royal Star Venture used in the break-in period.

Riders may use the motorcycle aggressively which shows consequences in the long-term. 

It leads to problems like clutch basket failure, a bad final drive, a whining problem, and excessive gear noise coming out of its gearbox, stealing all the comfort and convenience from its rider.

As these models were discontinued decades ago, you might find great second-hand matches for you. However, you might not know the quality of its transmission components in the long term.

So, once you make a purchase, prepare your mind that your bike might have hidden problems which you don’t know and you might need to get them fixed as soon as possible.

For the clutch basket failure, you will need to replace it.

If there’s excessive noise in the gearbox, make sure to add detailed lubrication in its transmission. Regularly maintain your motorcycle and ride it responsibly so it can last longer.

2. Electrical Problems

Transmission and gear failure is not so common in this motorcycle, but it has bundles of pretty common electrical problems leading to a lot of frustration and allowing more issues to get root.

As for the Yamaha motorcycles, the failure of electrical components is somewhat common. There could be several reasons for failure, but the result is the same in all cases, “la frustración”.

Electrical problems of these motorcycles are caused by battery and charging issues, connecting with wrong terminals, and no electrical supply to the components.

Blown fuses, audio system failure, motorcycle radio not working, cruise control stop working, side indicators and headlight not working, malfunctioning starter relay and cooling fan not working are common electrical problems in Yamaha Royal Star Venture.

Now, all these problems are fixable but some of these issues might need their malfunctioning components to be upgraded since they are not repairable or worthy of repair.

Covering the fixes first, the very first thing you should be checking is its battery.

Check if it’s working fine, has proper voltage, the charging system is doing good, the battery is not expired and it’s not overheating. If all these factors are okay, your battery is fine.

But, if any of these factors are compromised, your battery is dead or sooner it will.

If it dies, you need to replace it first. Later, check the connectors. Make sure positives and negatives are connected rightly and there’s no loose connection.

Also, clean both terminals because they are likely to be clogged or rusted and not properly pass the current.

If you fix these things, loose connections and supply problems will be fixed too. Yet, you need to validate the wiring and fuses as well.

If wires are deteriorated or fuses are blown due to high or low currents, you need to replace them too, but they are inexpensive.

Fixing these things will restore the electrical transmission on your motorcycle and it will allow the failed cooling fan to start working again. However, you still need to restore the components.

Start checking the starter relay and make sure it’s fine. If it’s not, you need to replace that too, if you want to get all your components working properly. 

This way, the headlights, indicators, horn, infotainment panel, radio, cruise control, and switches will start working once again.

3. Carburetor And Fuel Problems

Primarily having electrical problems does not mean the motorcycle is free from mechanical problems. There are still such issues putting your life and motorcycle into extreme trouble sometimes. 

Carburetor and fuel problems are specifically the most frustrating and vulnerable.

The Yamaha Royal Star Venture uses a fuel injection system and carburetors for its engine. These injectors make it engine to be pretty efficient and powerful. But, they have a life too.

Once the life has expired or you don’t maintain them well, these fuel injectors start clogging. The same goes for its carburetor as they also start building dust and contamination.

The fuel tank starts to rust and its fuel lines deteriorate.

Rust is the major enemy of any machine, particularly its engine. It causes your motorcycle engine to perform poorly and leads to fuel leaks.

However, the solution can be simplified and only needs two words to deal with. Cleaning and replacing!

There’s nothing else you can do to restore your engine’s performance and get rid of such issues. 

You need to disassemble its components such as fuel injectors, spark plugs, carburetors, and fuel filters to clean them. Once they are clean, you can assemble them back, once again.

However, if it still does not clear the issue, these components might be expired and malfunctioning. So, replacing them is the only thing left to do.

However, fuel injectors, rings, pistons, and valves do not need to be replaced frequently.

You should be replacing its spark plug, carburetor, fuel, and air filter to balance the air and fuel mixture ratio and stop your motorcycle from running too lean or too rich.

4. Stalling And Overheating Problems

Similar to fuel-related problems, this motorcycle has stalling and other engine problems too. However, most of these issues are caused either by electrical failures, overheating, or fuel issues.

Several problems plague this motorcycle such as its overrun fuel pump, and surging engine while you are riding it, you are trying to start the engine but are not able to start because its engine continues to misfire, after 40,000 miles on the meter.

Other issues cover radiator and coolant leak problems. However, all these problems are fixable but they might need some patience, practice, knowledge, experience, and new components too.

The fuel pump fails at first. It fails due to electrical problems such as a blown fuse. However, rusting of fuel tanks and lines also transfers some particles into the pump and clogs it.

You can try cleaning it, but it’s better if you replace it because it’s an easier and cheaper option.

However, if you still want to clean it instead of replacing it, you should be using a degreaser only.

Once you clean it, make sure to clean the lines as well

If they are deteriorated, replace them instantly. You need to replace its fuel filter as well so the engine can stop surging the very next time you take it on the ride. Replacing spark plugs and the ignition system can also do wonders.

It will not just fix engine surging problems, it will also fix engine stalling and misfiring issues. The issue is mostly happening on 40 or 50,000-mile bikes due to wear and tear in them. 

However, it can happen in motorcycles which are not frequently on the roads.

5. Engine Vibration And Suspension Problems

Another engine-related problem with this motorcycle is the excessive and devastating vibration caused by wear and tear.

Wear and tear leads to worn-out and expired components but most times poor maintenance is the reason.

Worn-out bearings, pistons, connection rods, rings, clogged mufflers, worn-out shock absorbers, and swingarm bushing, are its products.

These problems provide you with unstable rides and ABS issues also become a concern since it also has several components in its system. You can get rid of vibration if you change the components.

Start by replacing worn-out seals, gaskets, rings, and washers since they are expired enough and causing more problems. 

The overheating is also due to their failure and aging. Now, make sure you lubricate your engine and transmission components enough, so wear and tear can be eliminated.

Once they are eliminated, you can now start getting rid of engine vibration but it’s still not complete. You should be replacing the damaged and worn-out components to get an efficient performance out of them.

For that, try replacing the worn-out rings, pistons, injectors, wheel bearings, and braking and suspension components such as the master cylinder, brake pads, bushes, and shock absorbers.

Is the Yamaha Royal Star Venture A Reliable Motorcycle?

Yamaha Royal Star Venture is a powerful, super-performing, and reliable touring motorcycle for experienced and professional riders but it has a lot of problems with transmission, engine, suspension, and electrical parts. 

But, fixing these components will make this motorcycle reliable and great again. We have already told you the fixes on how to fix these problems in this article.

Yamaha Royal Star Venture User Reviews

“Previous bikes include the GPZ 600, a Falco, a Capanord, and before the XVZ a Blackbird. The bike cruises all day, cruise control is a real bonus, radio, with iPod plug-in, is fine in the garage for listening whilst cleaning, but not my thing when riding.” Source: motorcyclenews.com

“An amazing bike not for the faint-hearted, it had some nasty tricks up its sleeves. Particularly very slow speed control. Very easily forgiven when up and moving 1 or 2 up Sit back, enjoy, chill.” Source: motorcyclenews.com


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