6 Common Yamaha Eluder Problems [With Easy Fixes]

The Yamaha Eluder is a premium and luxury sports touring motorcycle offering a marvelous look and outstanding performance. Eluder has advanced controls and a superior engine

Eluder with this engine generates over 89 HP in power figures and roughly 126 ft-lbs for its torque

The power is less for its gigantic engine size but Yamaha seems to be interested in its RPM and torque figures. It is a powerful machine but it’s still not a problem-free bike.

Yamaha Eluder has problems and it might be shocking for some. 

However, you should not panic since we will list all its problems along with solutions through our research, investigation, and practical knowledge with Yamaha Eluder.

Yamaha Eluder Problems

Yamaha Eluder’s common Problems are navigation problems, engine issues with its spark plugs, carburetor, fuel leaks, overheating, exhaust Issues, transmission issues, gearbox problems, noisy engine clutch basket faults, final drive problems, clunky gearbox, surging issues, electrical components problems, wind buffeting, poor acceleration and issues with seating.


1. Navigation And Engine Issues

Eluder has several problems but its engine-related problems are more frustrating and technical to fix.

The same goes for the navigation issues this motorcycle has, and we will discuss them first. Because these issues are not commonly addressed many people get them.

Yamaha Eluder uses navigation and when you try to access its thumb drive it shows the error code. This code becomes irreversible for some people but these issues are fixable. 

The thumb drive comes with the Yamaha toolbox (on the site) along with several other tools inside it made by Toshiba.

These drives are used to update the system of its navigation and a few related programs. But, when you try to update it, it doesn’t work and blocks the navigation screen sometimes. 

The infotainment cluster freezes and goes blank leaving no clue on how to revive it successfully.

The navigation problems are fixable since you might need to explore a few of its folders, directories, and subfolders to access the data point. 

However, it might sound more technical than trying. Also, you can try updating the system online or through the Yamaha dealership. These points might help in fixing all these navigation-related issues. 

Now, heading toward its engine problems such as spark plug failure, carburetor problems, fuel leaks, and a few more troubles.

All these troubles make the engine vulnerable and lead to a complete or partial failure.

There’s no recall on this motorcycle by Yamaha which means, there’s no manufacturing or technical defect by the brand. 

Most of its engine-related problems occur due to not maintaining it well, or maintaining the motorcycle lately. These issues cause certain malfunctions.

The spark plug and carburetor of its engine fail due to clogged setups. Over time, these components are contaminated with dust and debris especially if you are riding it unmaintained.

At some point, the components stop working unless you clean them back. 

Now cleaning can be easy but it might not be fruitful every time. If cleaning does not fix them, you need to replace them. As for its fuel leaks, it’s probably due to deterioration but it’s uncommon in the Eluder.

2. Overheating And Exhaust Issues

Well, I was sitting on our trial Yamaha Eluder and I can still feel my left leg burning. Yes, even if it’s a premium motorcycle, it might still overheat due to certain reasons. 

First of all, it’s a gigantic motorcycle, and running it at its top speed in a hot climate is likely to be triggered.

Yamaha Eluder has an air-cooled engine, not water or liquid-cooled. Overheating can be troublesome in the long term if you don’t dig deeper into its reasons.

Other than overheating in a hot climate which is temporary, the failed components and engine problems are the reasons.

The seals, gaskets, and rings are prone to leak or blow away due to rubber construction. As long as they are sitting there properly, the heat will be eliminated, and may not come outside.

But, the sooner they blow away, the engine will start to throw excessive heat into the environment, burning your leg. Later, the cooling fan near the radiator will be fused and stop working.

Then, the radiator will also not work and there’s a high chance its fins are clogged leaving no space for the fresh air to pass. 

However, you can wash it with a radiator cleaner and it will be fine. Check for the engine oil level and make sure its cooling system is electronically flawless.

Otherwise, it might lead to engine exhaust issues as well, it will produce more noise and excessive heat. These two things will make things unbearable for the rider until you realize them.

3. Transmission And Gearbox Problems

Transmission is the most problematic area of Eluder because it gives you a tougher time than any other area of failure. 

Even its engine problems are less than transmission problems. There are certain problems but it all starts when its engine generates more noise at 50 MPH speed.

The clutch problems, fault with its clutch basket, final drive problems, and noisy and clunky gearbox make things worse for the rider. It does not let you hit the full power potential of this motorcycle. 

As soon as you get the whining noise from its transmission or gear, mark it as the start of the transmission issue with the potential of worsening if you don’t act quickly.

If its components are not maintained or your driving style has made them vulnerable, the whining noise is more likely to occur and there will be more technicalities. 

To fix these issues, you need to identify the potential areas of failure and start fixing them one by one.

Generally, the transmission system which includes clutch, drives, and gearbox is durable but prone to vulnerability

Sometimes, you need to replace the clutch plates, and clutch basket and realign the gears in the gearbox due to excessive wear and tear you were previously getting.

Clutch disks, plates, and springs are used to overload the middle gears making the shifting harder. It might lead to hub failure and sometimes clutch slipping.

You can readjust the clutch or replace its disks, pressure plates, and flywheel, equal to replacing the entire clutch system. 

Oil leaks and worn-out gears also make things worse, but there’s always a solution for every problem. In our analysis, you should be using HQ gear oil for the oil leak.

Overheating due to friction or wear and tear can ruin the entire transmission and affect its final drive. You will continue to have difficulty in shifting gears.

4. Fuel Components And Surging Problems

We have got you with another series of engine issues but focusing on fuel-related problems for the Yamaha Eluder. 

Our investigation shows several such problems, primarily the failure of its fuel pump and clogged fuel lines leading to surging problems. Of course, its fuel filter is a culprit too.

If you have got the surging problem but you don’t know about it, you will feel your motorcycle is suddenly slowing or speeding up itself with or without your input. 

There will be idling issues too and your motorcycle is likely to consume a lot more than usual oil.

The issues with fuel components, fuel injectors, filters, and several other bodies in the engine lead to surging problems. Most of them are fixable, but it takes time and effort.

You might need to clean these components to get your engine back to quality life and get rid of surging issues.

Once you clean these clogged elements and components, the issue will vanish. However, if it does not, you can try replacing them because they might have expired even if they are clean.

It is likely to eliminate the deceleration issues if you fix or replace its fuel components as well. The ride will be stable and joyful as Yamaha Eluder will not misbehave any longer.

5. Electrical And Components Problems

Just like the other motorcycles, the Yamaha Eluder also has several electrical problems and failure of components such as GPS and ECU malfunctioning, wiring problems, bad relays and stators, ignition problems, and battery issues.

It badly affects the functioning of any motorcycle.

But again, all these issues are fixable but you need to identify them so your motorcycle can get back to life. Firstly, ECU malfunctioning is a problem here, although it’s not common. 

Still, it can affect several of its sensors and GPS functioning will never be working.

Problems with the wires lead to more trouble blowing the fuses and taking down the electrical system. Its bad relays and starters badly affect the ignition components such as coils, ignition switches, resistors, and wires, once again.

Sometimes, these components are bad which means you need to replace them. The other times, the battery is at fault and the sole reason why its electrical components are not working.

In this case, you need to check its battery and recharge it if it’s not dead, otherwise, replace it too.

6. Wind Buffeting And Engine Vibration

The Yamaha Eluder is a premium and luxury touring motorcycle. You expect to experience the beauty of nature at its fullest.

But, the motorcycle starts misbehaving midway, the engine makes a noticeable vibration and your ride becomes unstable due to wind buffeting on the road.

For the engine vibration, the issues are related to malfunctioning internal components and poorly maintained engines. 

You need to fix its worn-out components such as spark plugs, bad carbs, clogged fuel injectors, expired filters, and problematic transmission as we told you earlier.

Vibration will be fixed or eliminated. However, if you are still noticing it, try fixing its exhaust pipes by drilling a few holes so the excessive heat and vibration can fade away. 

Also, make sure to validate that its suspension is working fine along with its uncompromised tires and wheels.

For the wind buffeting, it is more noticeable if you are sitting in an incorrect posture and due to wearing an open–face helmet

Make sure to use closed helmets with visors and lower your body positioning if you want to reduce air resistance and turbulence while traveling faster on a highway. 

It’s not a common problem, by the way, and it’s subject to personal experience.

Is the Yamaha Eluder A Reliable Motorcycle?

The Yamaha Eluder is a reliable but luxury sports touring motorcycle. It features a magnificent 1854 cc, V-twin, air-cooled engine generating 89 HP power and 126 ft-lbs torque.

These figures allow you to cover your sports touring needs along with marvelous fuel economy and superb riding experience.

Eluder comes with a lot of convenience and high-tech features making it more reliable and joyful. It is a reliable motorcycle for expert and professional enthusiasts with touring needs.

Yamaha Eluder User Review:

“Rode out to Maggie Valley for the bike rally. And, found out there was a better one in Cherokee, so I headed over and took a nice ride on the new Eluder. I like it very much. It’s expensive but has a lot of features which make my ride more valuable and easier.” Source: thevog.net


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