4 Common Suzuki Intruder 1500 Problems [With Easy Fixes]

The Intruder 1500 was introduced in 1998 and ranges till 2002. These four years for this variant proved to be satisfactory but not free of problems and troubles.

The Intruder has a four-stroke, V Twin, air-cooled, and three valves per cylinder engine with a 1462 cc capacity to be very precise.

Despite all these facts and figures, there has been a history of Suzuki Intruder 1500 Problems.

The list is not wide, whatever it has, it could be very frustrating if you don’t know how to fix it. But worry not, as we will cover all its problems along with proper fixes in this guide.

Suzuki Intruder 1500 Problems

Common problems of Suzuki Intruder 1500 are issues with starting, faulty carbs, improper cable slack, plenty of electrical failures, issues with ECU and battery, inefficient fuel mileage, compromised performance, and a list of problems with its transmission system and components.

Suzuki Intruder 1500 Problems

1. Starting Problems

The starting problem has been occurring in the Intruder since its early days in the market. As usual, there are several reasons behind this issue but some of the cases might have identical reasons. Mostly, the Suzuki Intruder becomes hard to start due to cable slack.

Other reasons include loose connections of the battery terminals, spark plugs, and failure of carbs as usual. The cable slack issues need sufficient adjustment to fix due to which the motorcycle fails to start properly. This cable travels to the rear cylinder of the motorcycle.

Particularly, it’s known as a decompression cable and its job is to reduce the force required in cylinder compression.

With this reduction, the motorcycle may now start well and move the cam with its camshaft at low RPM. Later, it opens the exhaust valves and releases compression.

For the battery terminals, this has been a common failure in many motorcycles. The Intruder 1500 fails due to the initial development of rust in these metallic connectors to pass the current. This rust is usually invisible to the naked eye, however.

You need to clean these terminals so they can go back to life. For that, the first thing is to switch off the ignition, disconnect the battery, remove its terminals, and clean them with a mild cloth even if you don’t see any signs of rusting on it. Even dust and debris can cause it to malfunction.

Another reason for the starting problem is the failure of spark plugs and carburetors. Since it is more than 2 decades old, you will get a carburetor engine in it, which is pretty less efficient than the fuel injection when it comes to power, performance, and fair throttle response.

These carburetors are inexpensive though, but they tend to fail often. If your motorcycle is sitting for months or you don’t clean its carb, it will eventually be gone and you can no longer start your motorcycle, unless you replace it. But again, it’s not an expensive component at all.

Yet, the frustration is still genuine. Anyways, the same goes with the spark plug as it can go bad too. You have to replace these plugs as well so it can continue to start well.

Sometimes, even if the spark plug and carb are good, the Intruder might still not start well, due to a malfunctioned ECU.

2. Electrical Problems

There are several frequent electrical problems with the Suzuki Intruder. Some of these issues are frustrating and require a lot of effort for fixation, while other issues are not complex to fix, but still can cause major failure. For example, the failure of ECU.

Early Intruders are known to have several ECU failure complaints and some of the models available today might still have this issue. If the ECU is exposed to water or dust, mud, and debris, the chances of its failure are pretty high.

A weak or dead battery can also lead it to fail. The battery fails due to charging system problems and it is a pretty common trouble in the majority of motorcycles, including Suzuki Intruder. ECUs are designed to last for life, but this is an exception nowadays.

Especially in motorcycles because they are open and naked vehicles. Due to the chassis of a bike, the ECU and electrical components are more exposed to the environment, rain, water, mud, gravel, and hot climates. However, the Intruder’s ECU is still easy to find and pretty easy to fix.

Once the battery or ECU is at fault, you might find several other electrical malfunctions in the Suzuki Intruder. First of all, the LED lights start flashing because it might even blow the fuses.

Similarly, the overall wiring can be affected if you have not done any inspection in a while.

Then, its starter solenoid also tends to fail which immediately prevents your motorcycle from starting correctly.

Before it might fail, there’s a likely chance for you to hear the clicking sound. Yet, the starter motor is still not engaging but the solenoid might not get enough power from it.

It happens due to a broken connection of solenoid whether it’s due to rusting, dust, or breakage of any kind. Whatever it is, you need to replace it instantly and don’t waste your time and effort into repairing it because it’s not a repairable thing.

3. Oil leaking and Head Valves Issues

Other than two major failures, the electrical failures, and starting failures, the Suzuki Intruder 1500 is known to have several leakage issues as well as a few mechanical failures in the engine.

The valves in the engine are very important as they help in the flow of air in it.

These valves are in the head casting of the engine and they are mechanically operated. As long as these valves are functioning properly, your overall engine and motorcycle will work smoothly. However, the trouble comes when these valves malfunction due to some technical issues.

There are several reasons again, but the main reason for the head valve issue in this motorcycle is due to multiple oil and fuel leakages in it.

This leak happens due to a clogged fuel filter, a bad carburetor, and primarily due to faulty fuel gauges which show a real-time inaccurate reading.

It affects the valve seals on the head and leads to its catastrophic failure. You will notice popping noise, white or blue smoke from the exhaust, more than usual oil consumption, rough idling, poor performance, inefficient mileage, and a cold engine that is unable to start properly.

In the case of such failure, there are primarily two or three tasks to do so you can reach a solution. The first one is to find the leakages and work on them.

If there’s leakage in any fuel or oil line, replace it right now and take a look at its fuel filter because it should also be replaced.

Then, make sure the Intruder’s fuel gauge is showing the accurate reading. This will be done by removing the old and inaccurate fuel gauge and replacing it with the nice, clean, new, and accurate Intruder fuel gauge. Now, there’s only one major job left to fix it completely.

You need to take a look at its valve clearance and make sure it’s aligned with the instructions. A too wide and too small valve clearance might be fixed by repairing them.

But first, you need to clean them and see if it is worth repairing or if you should replace them if they are badly worn out.

4. Transmission and Shifting Issues

Suzuki Intruder is enriched in transmission and shifting related issues which can badly ruin your experience with this motorcycle.

There are several kinds of problems with this Suzuki motorcycle, such as randomly dropping gear, stuck gear, poor shifting, false neutral, blocked shift linkage bushes, acceleration issues, bent shifting forks, clutch plate issues, and spring failures.

All these issues can lead to multiple problems but most of these issues occur due to choosing the wrong grade oil and improper oil and Filter Change practice.

For the gears related problems, issues with the clutch can cause random dropping gears and slip. An excessively worn-out clutch, damaged or bent shifting forks or shaft linkage, and a low oil level in the gearbox can accumulate these problems. 

For the bent shifting forks or damaged shaft linkage, you need to replace it. You need to fill an adequate level of oil in the gearbox so these gears can stay healthy and happy.

However, make sure to use the perfect and high-quality transmission oil for optimum performance.

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Suzuki Intruder 1500 User Reviews:

“The worst thing about the bike is replacing the battery, The real one is in a box under the swing arm mount, and the door on the bottom won’t open enough until you stick the back wheel on a brick or block of wood.” Source: motorcyclenews.com

“Minimum of options, maximum of simple. If you wanna ride this bike, you have to be a strong and undemanding rider. This bike is for calm traveling through night avenues and long highways.” Source: motorcyclenews.com



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