6 Suzuki C50 Problems [With Easy Fixes]

Suzuki Boulevard C50 is an entry-level cruiser motorcycle that has been in the market for 2 decades.

C50 is the entry point of Suzuki in the cruiser segment of the American market. The bagger-style motorcycle offers an 803cc V-twin engine based on a four-stroke motor.

C50 has a lot to offer, such as comfortable riding for distant rides, enormous feel and power, as well as a traditional style and a couple of features.

You just don’t get these benefits. You get the Suzuki C50 Problems, too, in addition to its perks.

Let’s take a look at the problems of this motorcycle in this article and solutions for each, too.

Suzuki C50 Problems

Suzuki C50 Problems contain issues with Ignition, charging, battery, wiring, stalling, idling, power loss, rough start, and backfire. Fuel Related Problems are also there. There are overheating issues due to blown gaskets and coolant problems. Wear and Tear in engine and transmission problems also plague this motorcycle.


1. Electrical Problems

Suzuki motorcycles have been harsh on electrical issues. There’s no wonder why Suzuki’s earliest cruiser motorcycles had these problems. 

There have been many electrical issues that Suzuki had to recall the C50 made in 2005 and 2006.

These recalls covered specifically the ignition switch and charging system of the motorcycle.

The issue occurred due to short-wiring problems causing 2005 and 2006 models to stall when you try to start it or you are riding it.

The issue was short-lived and was fixed with its recalls. But only the one with its ignition switch.

Its charging and battery system was still vulnerable or prone to failure, better to say. The problem occurs due to dying batteries and issues with voltage regulators.

Problems with the faulty charging components couldn’t let people store charge in the battery.

The rectifier was bad, causing lights and indicators to dim, and further, it affected the regulator, which couldn’t handle the current anymore.

As a result, you get either an overcharged battery or a battery that is dropping.

This surge causes the total failure of the motorcycle battery because it dies sooner or later.

You can’t do much about this problem other than replacing the battery.

The electrical problems on the Suzuki C50 aren’t just limited to the battery and ignition switch. 

There are a lot more to come.

You can expect to face problems with its Ignition coils, wiring, and fuses. 

The ignition coils are less prone to problems, but whenever they fail, you get a lot of frustration.

The ignition coils can go bad due to poor spark plugs and problems with the wiring.

Incorrect supply of voltage also plays a key role in the failure of ignition coils.

There are issues with the electrical fuses, too, because they blow out and can cause immense failure of components like horns, lights, indicators, and speedometers.

The fuse can fail due to improper supply of current and its surging, which burns the wires.

2. Engine Stalling Problems

Suzuki C50 has an 805cc, four-stroke, liquid cool engine based on a V Twin motor. 

This engine is capable of producing over 53 horsepower and 52 lb-ft in torque figures to power your rides.

However, these figures and achievements are useless if your engine is not fine and your motorcycle keeps stalling, frequently if not regularly. 

If a Suzuki C50 stalls 10 times, the electrical problems will be the reason for 2 times.

But, the engine itself is responsible for the rest 8 times

You are likely to face problems such as misfiring, backfiring, rough idling, stalling at low speeds, and power loss at high speeds.

The worn-out spark plugs play a major role in all these problems, but it’s not the only reason.

Suzuki C50 owners have complained of stalling problems due to dirty fuel injectors, throttle problems, dirty air, and fuel filters.

Cleaning these components should be the very first step to fix the engine stalling problem.

If cleaning these clogged or aged parts does not bring any value, consider replacing them.

Another thing you will be looking at is its alternator and overall ignition or starter system.

Having troubles with that means you will not get your engine to run smoother even if you have handled the stalling problem. You need to replace its alternator for its best interests.

For the potential mechanical failure, only touch them if you know your stuff.

Otherwise, there’s a chance your involvement in its mechanical components without knowledge can make things worse.

3. Fuel Related Problems

Suzuki C50 is problematic in the fuel department as well.

There are issues such as fuel leaks, vacuum leaks, low fuel pressure, fuel pump failure, low fuel economy, and fuel tank vapor lock when it’s full, which causes rise of heat in the fuel tank.

All these problems are more than enough to affect the rideability and engine health of the motorcycle, leading to major failures that you don’t want to have.

But you can see it coming in advance to prepare yourself and start looking for a proper fix.

The very first thing you might notice is going to be a power loss out of the engine

It might lead to failures more often, but you can fix them.

Fuel and vacuum leaks occur due to an improper mixture of fuel.

If the engine is running too lean or too rich on fuel, you will have such issues affecting the performance and output figures.

Due to an incorrect mixture, you might face stalling, too, a leading cause in any engine.

Noise from the engine and compromised accelerations are two major symptoms of fuel-related problems. Also, if you are noticing a drop in fuel mileage, it’s a sign of this problem.

For the compromised or malfunctioning fuel components, such as the fuel lines or pump, you need to replace them.

Vacuum leaks and low fuel pressure are fixable if you take a look at fuel filters, regulators, lines, and fuel pumps.

Make sure to install and adjust the vacuum hoses correctly.

4. Overheating Problems

Well, overheating is not a very common problem in the Suzuki C50, but it can lead to serious issues for the engine and its performance. You can consider it an enemy of your engine.

Overheating in Suzuki C50 mostly occurs due to ring failure, blown gaskets, radiator, and coolant problems. 

The engine contains a piston in a cylinder and they have rubber rings around them.

With time, these rings can deteriorate due to their nature. 

Now, how quickly can they deteriorate

It depends on various factors, primarily related to how frequently you maintain your engine in terms of oil changes and mechanical maintenance.

Replacing these rings and gaskets is not a big or expensive deal. But you should be replacing them once every 8 months if you travel several hundred miles every month.

The blown head gaskets might leave the space open for the engine to escape its heat outside.

Later, it affects the cooling system too. The heat coming out due to blown gaskets deteriorates the coolant lines and electrical wires. Due to this, you get inefficient cooling.

If the radiator is clogged already due to dust and debris in it, the cooling will never work.

Instead, it will lead the cooling fan to malfunction and increase the temperature even more.

The coolant will start boiling like lava, and if it gets any leakage, it might injure you, too.

Or, for the very least, your legs will be exposed to heat and you will not be able to keep them on the footpegs, especially if it’s a hot day out. Suzuki C50 mostly overheats in hot climates.

5. Wear And Tear Problems

Wear and tear remains an issue in almost any motorcycle and vehicle. However, it’s a point of concern in the decades-old motorcycles, mostly.

You might have to face wear and tear in your Suzuki C50 if it’s an old model and it was not well maintained in its life. 

Due to this,  the components will continue to wear out as they age.

Due to wear and tear in the Suzuki C50, you will have a bad cam chain tensioner, but it’s rare.

But, you will still be dealing with wear and tear due to mechanical failures such as its piston knocking, causing damages to the engine out there in the internal wall of a cylinder.

This knocking can get serious enough that you would have to replace the cylinder or piston as well.

Though it’s not a common problem, it can be a disaster for the engine.

The wear and tear in the Suzuki C50 is higher while it’s constantly running at a high speed.

You will notice vibration in these high-speed rides as your Suzuki C50 continues to age.

The wear and tear is common for old and poorly maintained C50s, but it’s not a design flaw. 

We can consider it a manufacturing flaw to some extent because it’s affecting a certain ratio of Suzuki C50 made to this date, not all or major of those manufacturing.

Other than mechanical failures, Suzuki C50 stock tires are noticed to be wearing out faster.

Some of its owners have told us they replaced the tires within 10,000 miles of it.

6. Transmission Problems

Unlike wear and tear problems, transmission issues are not common in the Suzuki C50.

But, whichever Suzuki C50 owners have faced it, they reported to us, they needed to replace the clutch at 25,000 miles.

In some cases, issues were occurring as soon as they hit 10,000 miles on it.

There is not a significant reason for wear and tear in its clutch failure, but the riding style.

According to some, the clutch used to be sensitive on this motorcycle as a cruiser machine.

There are issues with its gears, that too on a smaller scale.

The problem was when you were shifting your gear and while you were in 5th or 6th gear looking to upshift or downshift.

These hard-to-shift gears are not common in Suzuki C50, but they must be replaced.

You need to make sure your clutch is working fine and you, too, are shifting it properly. 

The gear lever should be pressed completely so the gear teeth can engage properly within the gearbox.

Keep the clutch components clean and in the shape.

Keep using the perfect synthetic gear oil for your gearbox, and keep the gears in alignment.

Is The Suzuki C50 A Reliable Motorcycle?

The Suzuki C50 is a reliable cruising motorcycle featuring more than enough power for mid-range cruiser enthusiasts. 

You can have this motorcycle to cover your weekly touring and cruising needs.

It brings decent rideability on the highways, and safety features are good, too.

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Suzuki C50 User Reviews:

“My bike now has over 1.500 miles on it. It’s very reliable with no issues. Great quality and fit and finish. I have to ride seven miles to mountainous trails, ride dirt roads and single-track rocky trails, and perform super.” Source: cycleinsider.com

“Fell in love at first sight when I saw this bike at my local dealer. I bought it with 14,000 miles on it. I’ve gone on some long trips and shorter rides out on county roads near where I live outside Atlanta.” Source: cycleinsider.com


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