Subaru Remote Start Not Working [Try Proven Fixes]

The Subaru remote start feature is not new. As a car owner with a remote start, you get used to starting the vehicle before getting into it. 

The biggest plus of the feature is that you sit in the preheated car in cold weather. But what if the Subaru remote start is connected to the correct part and just does not work?

What gives? It’s not uncommon, and I am here to solve the problem.

So keep reading till the end to know why your Subaru Remote Start is not working.

Why My Subaru Remote Start Not Working

Subaru Remote Start Not Working

Let’s first look into the causes of a nonfunctional remote start option in your Subaru.

1. Too Many Remote Start Attempts

Usually, you can remotely start a Subaru vehicle by pressing the start button of the remote twice within 2 seconds. 

In contrast, when you press the lock button too often, the Subaru remote start won’t work that way. You need to press the lock buttons in the suggested order to turn the car engine on.

On the other hand, if you press the buttons simultaneously, it will put the car in the second car mode. Many key fob works on other vehicles, too.

If the key fob is in the second car mode, read the user manual to correct it.

2. Car Is Not In The Park

The apparent reason for the Subaru remote start not working is that your car is not in Park mode. It will not respond to the remote start until you put your vehicle in the Park mode.

3. Subaru In The Service Mode

There is a fair chance that you left your vehicle with a mechanic, and they put the car in service mode as a precaution. 

You must disable the service mode first to enable the remote start feature.

It’s an easy one, so follow the below steps.

  1. Get in the car and lock it.
  2. Then, turn the ignition on and press the brake paddle.
  3. Next, you will press the start button three times.
  4. After pressing the button each time, you will hear a chime. Ultimately, an honk will ensure that the vehicle is out of the service mode.
  5. You can test it by restarting the car.

4. Hood Is Not Closed

The Subaru vehicles won’t start if the car door, hood, trunk, or liftgate is open. It’s a safety feature incorporated in almost all cars to prevent accidents while mechanics work under the hood.

The hood latch may remain open if a hood pin is broken and the sensor detects the hood is not closed.

First, close the door and hood, and then use the remote start function.

5. Reprogramme The Remote

The key fob is connected to the Subaru car. It may need to be reprogrammed if it is not performing any function, including the remote start function. 

It is connected to the car system and Subaru Starlink software. Any glitch in the system disconnects the key fob. 

You can perform the reprogramming in a few minutes following these steps.

  1. Get in the car and lock the driver-side door with the button on the door.
  2. Then, put the keys in the ignition and turn the electricals on. But don’t start the engine. 
  3. Next up, you have to turn the key in the ignition to “Off” and then turn it back to “On.” 
  4. Repeat the step ten times, and then you will hear a chime from the car system if you have done it correctly.
  5. Then, open the driver-side door and shut it. You will hear a confirmation beep.
  6. After removing the car from the ignition, you will hear the honk and the dome light flash several times to inform you that the programming mode is closed.
  7. Remote start the Subaru to make sure it’s working.

6. Remote Start Button

Many Subaru models have a remote start button inside it. It’s again a safety feature that you may have depressed accidentally.

Check that button. Press that again to activate the remote start function.

7. Sensor Is Not Working

If the car sensor fails, the door open warning light stays on.

The key fob reads that the car is open because the car reads that it’s open as the sensors convey the message even though you closed it securely.

In that situation, the Subaru vehicles fail to remote start. Ensure that sensors are not faulty, or remove any rubber piece stuck in any door.

8. Dead Key Fob/ Car Battery

The Key Fob batteries usually last 3 years. Chances are, you have not replaced the battery, which is why your remote start function is not working.

  1. You can replace the battery by opening the lid and enclosing the battery on the backside.
  2. Put the small plastic piece or flathead screwdriver to separate the lid enclosing the battery.
  3. Remove the old one and put the new battery in place.
  4. Close the lid and test by pressing the start button.

The weak car battery is another reason your Subaru Remote Start is not working. The flashing low battery warning sign on the dashboard will let you know.

Therefore, recharge the battery before trying other fixes.

9. Inspect the Check Engine Light

If you cannot remote, start the Subaru, and the Check Engine light is On. Then it won’t work until you turn it off.

Out of many common problems, the Loose gas cap is the most common one. Which can be a reason for a flashing Check Engine light. Tighten the gas cap first.

Alternatively, if the problem persists, I suggest you go to the car dealership to fix it immediately because it’s inexpensive to repair if addressed promptly.

10. Bug in the STARLINK System

Subaru has an App named “Starlink”, which allows you to start the car remotely, along with many other excellent features.

There are two reasons that you can’t start the car with Starlink.

  1. Your device is disconnected from the App.
  2. The Starlink has a glitch, and you cannot operate it for some time

Contact the Starlink support center to resolve the problem.

11. Check The Oil Pressure

The mechanical faults in the car contribute to the halt of the remote start function. The high coolant and low oil pressure are one of them. 

For example, the vehicle will not remotely start if your car is too cool or the oil pressure is low after an oil leak or dirty oil.

This is how you can fix these issues.

  1. You need to first bring the temperature to normal and allow the vehicle to cool for ten minutes.
  2. Then, check again the oil pressure level.
  3. Then restart the car.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Remote Start My Subaru Remote Start?

You can remotely start the Subaru by pressing the start button twice on the Key Fob.

How Do I Activate My Subaru Remote Start?

You can activate the Subaru remote start by following the procedure. 

  1. Open the driver seat clo,se it, and put the key in the ignition.
  2. Turn it on, but do not start the engine and turn your key in the ignition at Off and then On.
  3. Repeat the procedure ten times and turn off the car. The honk will let you know that you are in programming mode.
  4. Within the next 45 seconds, enter the transmitter number by pressing the door lock button on the driving seat as many times as the number is.
  5. For example, press it 2 times first if the number reads “2346733”.
  6. Complete the activation by pressing all the digits.

How Do You Start A Keyless Subaru?

To start a keyless Subaru, remove the Key Fob battery and touch it with the engine start button in the car.

The engine will start, and a beep will let you know that the key fob is again connected and reprogrammed with the car.

Final Thoughts 

I have enlisted all the possible methods that are logical and valuable to restore the remote start function of the Subaru car.

If the problem persists, take your Subaru car to the dealership for a reliable solution.

Now I’d like to hear from you.

Let me know in the comments what methods worked for you.


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