Land Rover Discovery Sunroof Not Working [This Should Fix!]

The Land Rover Discovery is a Lavish luxury car. Among the four-wheelers, its reliability on the road is above average.

However, the Land Rover Discovery’s Sunroof often stops working. It’s frustrating when you are about to set foot on a road trip, as bad weather might hit you anytime.

Follow along if your Land Rover Discovery sunroof is Not Working. Because you will know all possible fixes, the reset process, and the manual procedure to close the Land Rover Sunroof.

How Do You Reset A Land Rover Discovery Sunroof? 

Land Rover Discovery Sunroof Not Working

Whenever there is a disconnect between the battery and the sunroof control manual, it will require a reset.

The reset process will make it work again.

Most of the time, the Sunroof stops working when the car battery is dead. Or the one-touch closing operation of the Sunroof is halted, and you need to press the buttons repeatedly to close the Sunroof. 

Here are a few simple steps that would recalibrate the sunroof function.

Method 1

  • Turn the ignition on and make sure the battery is connected. 
  • Once it shuts down, keep pressing the forward button for twenty seconds.
  • In that time, the Sunroof will complete its opening and closing cycle.
  • The Sunroof will tilt, open, and completely shut down during that time. That would reset the Land Rover Discovery Sunroof.
  • You can ensure by touching the button again as the Sunroof will open with one touch.

Method 2

After closing the Sunroof, press the forward button. By pressing it every time, you will hear a clicking sound. 

Repeat the process by clicking the forward button 3 times. That would reset the Sunroof.

Why Land Rover Discovery Sunroof Not Working

Here are five things that can block the sunroof from moving.

1. Faulty Switch

The most common reason among all is a dysfunctional sunroof switch. The leakage or current overload may harm the switch. 

You can buy a new switch from the local Land Rover dealership and reinstall the new one to close the stuck sunroof.

2. Blown Fuse

The box under the glove compartment contains the sunroof fuse. The Land Rover’s F20 (15A) fuse is connected to the Sunroof.

Check the fuse through a tester. Replace the fuse if that is blown and install the new one.

3. Rubber Foam obstruction

The sunroof is coupled with the sunshade below the glass. It has an obvious function to prevent the passengers from excess sunlight. 

The sunshade has foam on the back to prevent it from going back. It keeps the sunshade in a calibrated position.

But the same foam can block the smooth movement of the Land Rover sunroof. Remove the foam by opening the headliner to make the sunroof work again.

4. Broken Gear

The sunroof motor has a plastic round shape gear on it. That breaks and the motor cannot work without that part.

The motor starts making a noise when you press the sunroof button, which is a sign that gear is broken.

Hence it would be best if you made sure by looking at all the sides of the motor. If the gear is broken, you must buy a new motor.

5. Inspect The Seal And track

The Land Rover sunroof seal andtrack need manual cleaning after sometime.

The drain pipe passing below the seal can leak and the mold begins growing on the plastic seal. 

Inspect the seal thoroughly and remove dust, or broken cables from the track.

6. Test Sunroof Wire and Motor

The sunroof wire and motor must be tested by directly connecting to the battery.

Attach the positive and ground wire to the clips of the battery. 

That would move the sunroof upon pressing the switch. If it does not, I’m afraid you will need to replace the sunroof motor.

How To Fix The Land Rover Discovery Sunroof

Here are 7 ways to fix the Land Rover Discovery Sunroof.

1.Replace The Switch

You can access the sunroof switch by opening the switch box. As you remove the switch box, separate it from the connector and use a hot wire to test through the connector.

The connector has numbers attached to it. Insert the hot wire or a simple headphone wire into the connector.

If the sunroof begins moving after attaching the wire, then the switch is obviously faulty.

Reach out to the local Land Rover dealership to get a new switch and replace it.

2. Lubricate The Seal and Track

The soft rail track around the sunroof glass protects it from damage and secures it properly.

But over time, the rail track gets dust and mold and needs detailed cleaning. Because chances are, it’s the reason that is stopping the sunroof from moving.

Hence take a clean towel and clean the track once. Afterward, use the Lithium Grease and spread it evenly on all the sides of the seal and metal parts. 

Ensure it has spread over all parts by manually closing and opening the sunroof. Now open the sunroof with the switch, and it will begin moving.

3. Remove The Rubber

The foam present behind the sunroof and sun shade and below the headliner blocks the sunroof movement. 

To allow obstruction-free movement, you need to remove the foam by opening the bolts on the handle on the back heat. 

Now remove the handle and dome light. That would give access to the inside of the headliner. 

Finally, remove the foam obstructing the sunroof from closing. Make sure if it’s working by pressing the sunroof closing switch.

4.Clean the core

The motor attached to the sunroof gets mold and rust and needs to be cleaned for proper functioning. 

You need to detach the motor from the housing by detaching three screws attached to the housing.

Then clean the exposed core having corrosion, mud, and mold on it with the help of WD-40 spray.

Afterwards, reattach the motor at its place in the car and start the car to test the sunroof.

5. Reinstall Rail Guides

The rail guide is secured with the help of screws on the end. After some time, the screws on the rail track are loose and displaced from their position. 

Hence you need to tighten the rail guide screws to secure them in their original position, and the sunroof will move from its place.

6. Reinstall Fuse

The sunroof motor has a fuse attached that protects the electrical wiring from short-circuiting. 

Therefore, open the glove box below the steering and check fuse F20. Inspect the fuse. if it’s black in the middle part, then it’s blown. 

Alternatively, use a tester by attaching the wire to the fuse’s metal parts. If the tester does not light up, you need to replace the fuse with a new one.

The sunroof motor part gets mold and jams after some time. A simple troubleshooting would be to grease the motor thoroughly with lithium grease.

Afterward, test the motor as it should begin working again if it were jammed.

7.Replace The Motor

The sunroof motor needs to be tested, as you can attach it to the battery. If, after connecting the positive and negative wires, the sunroof still doesnot move, then you need to replace the motor.

How Do You Manually Close A Land Rover Discovery Sunroof

If you want to avoid trying any above ways to close the sunroof and restore its function. You may as well try to close the sunroof manually.

  1. The sunroof motor is located between the Sunvisors. Hence you need to remove the front dome light to access the motor.
  1. After removing the dome light, the motor would be visible. Take a flathead screwdriver once you make enough room to access the motor through the screwdriver. 
  1. Insert it in the plastic slot in the sunroof motor and turn the screwdriver clockwise until it closes completely

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Open The Sunroof On A Discovery?

The Land Rover Discovery have one touch open and close Sunroof. You have to click the forward button just once to open the sunroof completely.

Like wise, press the close button once to shut the Sunroof.

However, you can stop the moving sunroof at any point by pressing the button again.

Final Thoughts!

Never leave your car unattended when your sunroof is open. It’s a potential entry point for thieves.

Weather is another aggressive factor that would damage the interior of Land Rover.

If you haven’t figured out why Land Rover Discovery Sunroof not working, it’s time to take it to an excerpt mechanic.


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