6 Honda Silverwing 600 Problems [With Easy Fixes]

Honda Silverwing 600 is a 2001 beast to serve riders looking for modern and powerful scooters to ride in the cities. This maxi-scooter features a four-stroke, liquid cool, dual overhead cam with a 582cc engine bringing enormous power to its dash.

Technically, it’s a package of scooters you always want to experience but it virtually feels like a touring motorcycle.

In this article, you will find every bit of its problem which we experienced in our trial along with our research on this model.

Our findings and investigation show these problems on the Honda Silverwing 600 are fixable, you can know the fixes below.

Honda Silverwing 600 Problems

Honda Silverwing 600 problems contain electrical issues such as dead batteries, faulty sensors, flickering lights, leaky seals leading to oil dripping and fuel seeping. The engine joins the game due to surging, stalling, and misfire problems to ruin your flow. 

Gear might become clunky causing hard shifts while transmission has clutch issues. Overheating and braking can ruin its health while handlebar, rusting, and unimpressive suspension give you a tough time.


1. Battery And Sensors Problem

Through our trial, we discovered the Honda Silverwing 600 is heavy on electrical problems and can put a huge dent in your joy.

Electrical problems and battery failures are the most common and frustrating issues in particular. The battery dies due to so many but irreversible reasons.

These reasons can be due to aging, improper maintenance of the battery, charging failure, working in high temperatures, corrosion of terminals, damaged wirings, and blown fuses which all depend on case to case, but these are generally common reasons for this failure.

For some reason, the indicators, head, and taillight stop functioning, its horn gets silent, and the entire electrical system of the Honda Silverwing 600 goes down, also leading to this scooter not starting

Sensors are equally culprit and affected in electrical problems of this motorcycle.

However, we can dig into the reasons for these particular failures, and their symptoms so we can lead to a fix or solution for stopping it in the future.

Failure of battery is a major challenge in any motorcycle and especially in the scooters. If a battery dies, there’s no fix but to replace it ASAP.

A battery can die due to aging, it may have expired and exceeds the manufacturing date. If that’s the case, you can never be successful in recharging or repairing it. 

Because, even if you recharge and it somehow stores some charge, the battery is highly likely to drain soon after.

You can uninstall the battery from the motorcycle and charge it overnight through a charger if it’s not dead.

For that, make sure the volts are fine or nonvolatile and it’s not above 12.7 volts. Check for its terminal connections and wipe them properly to remove any invisible or visible signs of rusting. 

Then, make sure the voltage regulator is fine too and you have replaced its blown fuses. Also, check and reconcile the wirings because they might be faulty due to extreme heat.

Fixing the battery this way or completely replacing it if it’s dead already can revive the electrical system of the Honda Silverwing 600. 

The sensors might still be not good and you need to check for all its malfunctioning sensors and replace them. Or, try remapping the ECU to sort them out.

2. Oil And Fuel Leakages

We noticed several kinds of leaks in the Honda Silverwing 600, specifically related to fuel leaks. However, the oil problems are also in this motorcycle.

Most of its leakages are due to failures such as a faulty fuel pump, blown gaskets, worn-out seals and rings, or damaged oil filters. 

The fuel pump failure occurs due to improper volts and inadequate fuel pressure overruling the pump and causing its malfunction

The faulty fuel lines in the system also make the fuel supply vulnerable and cause more leaks. For both these problems, you should try fixing the fuel pump relay, sensor, and fuel lines. 

If nothing improves these leaks, you might need to replace its malfunctioning components.

As for the oil leaks, you need to get rid of blown gaskets, worn-out seals, rings, and oil filters causing oil seepage.

These components are prone to leak due to intense pressure and heat from Silverwing 600 engines, particularly in hot climates.

Replacing its gaskets, seals, and filter will make things better again. Other than gaskets as the most common reason for leaks, faulty plugs, and regulators can be other reasons. 

If fixing gaskets and seals does not solve the issue you can look at its plugs and regulator as an opportunity.

3. Engine Surging And Stalling

Honda Silverwing 600 has problems with its engine too, but these problems are not pretty much common. Yet, they are frustrating, fixing them is not a big deal if you know about motorcycles.

The common area of failures in the Silverwing 600 engine is due to malfunctioning components or improper air and fuel mixture, faulty spark plugs, dirty carburetors, clogged air filters, and unclear fuel injectors.

These specific areas lead its engine to misfiring, surging, and stalling.

Riders mistakenly relate surging issues with high idle, but it’s not necessary. The power surge in this scooter feels like the machine is getting speed and then losing it with little or no input.

It usually happens when you are half or more throttle.

The main reason for the surge is the air and fuel mixture. Either the engine is running too rich or too lean.

If it’s running rich, the motorcycle will still misbehave but its fuel efficiency will be less since the engine is consuming a lot more oil and there’s less air intake.

And, if the engine is running lean, it means the engine is taking way too much fuel and a lot of air intake leading to surging and power issues. 

You might hear banging noises from its engine. Surging tells about your motorcycle having a combustion problem and your plugs are bad.

Not just the spark plugs, but the carburetors and fuel injectors too. You can try cleaning them properly to get them back to work. However, it’s better if you simply replace them to avoid hassle.

Because it might also fix the stalling problem if you are experiencing that.

4. Shifting And Transmission Issues

Well, the Silverwing 600 is a little bit heavier on the transmission and shifting parts too. 

The motorcycle uses quality shifting components and mechanisms which can last for more than 50,000 miles if you maintain it well. But, some exceptions are shortening its life.

Silverwing is prone to have troubles when it surpasses 20,000 miles on the road. 

It brings up problems like hard gears, worn-out clutch plates, clutch slipping, damaged clutch cable, torn rings,  flywheel issues, belt failure, wear and tear, or damaged pulleys in the transmission.

It is an automatic transmission since it’s a scooter. 

You might be wondering what hard gear means if it’s an automatic machine. Well, the hard gear means when you open the gearbox, you will see the gears have lost clearance or allowance bringing them closer and causing friction.

As a result, the motorcycle does not provide a smooth shift of gear even though it’s automatic. You might hear a noise and feel the motorcycle is taking force to shift the gear.

This is mostly due to wear and tear but primarily due to improper maintenance and issues in transmission.

Many transmission problems include damaged or short clutch cables, broken seals, pulleys and rings, or flywheels.

But, its worn-out clutch plates are the most frustrating and damaging problem because they lead the motorcycle to clutch slipping problems.

If there’s any such problem, your priority should be to fix its worn-out clutch plates or replace them as soon as you can.

Make sure to use lubrication and don’t leave a loose end causing these plates or other components to malfunction. 

A slipping clutch leads to replacing or upgrading the entire clutch system.

5. Overheating And Brakes Problem

Usually, motorcycles are prone to overheat but the Silverwing 600 overheats too despite being a mid-size maxi scooter. 

It’s not something unique but not common either. Since Honda is using a liquid cool engine in this machine, overheating is likely to occur due to relevant issues.

These issues happen due to low coolant, clogged radiator, fused fan, malfunctioning thermostat, and cracked engine block. To fix the low coolant or coolant-related issues, you need to make sure there’s no leakage in the reservoir or coolant lines.

Also, make sure to use high-quality and recommended coolant. Then, take a look at its fan, its fuse is probably blown due to overcurrent or other reasons. 

Just replace the blown fuse and remap it, the fan will be good again. Similarly, check for its thermostat if it’s doing great.

The tough part is the faulty or clogged radiator. Tough in a sense, you might need to get your hands dirtier to clean its fins and remove dust or debris. 

Sometimes, the radiator can expire due to aging, excessive heat due to a cracked block, or improper use. You will need to replace it. The brake problems can be the deadliest.

It all depends on the nature and reasons. Brakes on Silverwing 600 fail due to contamination or leakage of brake fluid, worn-out brake pads, damaged brake rotors, and worn-out tires sometimes leading to inefficient braking. 

You need to replace these problematic parts as well.

6. Uncommon And Minor Problems

Handlebar defects, rusting, not-worthy suspension, and compromised passenger seat comfort, all these are uncommon and considerably minor problems compared to major ones. 

These issues are uncommon and most of them depend on preferences, likes, and dislikes.

For some riders, the passenger and driver seat will be comfortable and tall, but less cushioned, bouncy, and rigid for many others.

This thing depends on your use case, level, expertise, and needs. If you don’t like its cushioning, you can add a pillow.

The handlebar, its control, and grip tend to be problematic sometimes leading to rideability and convenience issues. 

You need to readjust them or get used to them if you don’t want to replace the handlebar. Same for the suspension and rusting issues, it all depends on the use case and needs.

Is the Honda Silverwing 600 Reliable?

Honda Silverwing 600 is a reliable scooter meant to be ridden in the cities and on busy roads with ease. 

The engine is pretty powerful since Honda adds a 582cc liquid cool engine to provide around 48 HP in power and 37 ft-lbs in magnificent torque to bring a powerful experience.

Honda Silverwing 600 has a 16-liter fuel tank with a tank range of over 150 miles. You can bypass heavy traffic since it’s a maneuverable machine. 

Due to its bulky looks and low seat height, everyone finds it to be reliable but its problems and issues put a dent on its reliability.

Yet, you should never worry because you have got all its problems and proper solutions to each.

Honda Silverwing 600 User Reviews:

“I’ve upgraded the screen, and heated grips to give that bit of extra weather protection and comfort. Fuel economy isn’t brilliant at 45 mpg but I do tend to cane it a bit! I think it’s overpriced, but used ones seem reasonable. A fantastic bike.” Source: motorcyclenews.com

“Very comfortable to ride but drinks a bit, all in all, overall a good buy. The last model to go on sale, costing £7000, is a bit too much money. I would buy another but not at £7 new.” Source: motorcyclenews.com


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