5 Common Harley Davidson Rocker Problems (How to Fix)

Harley Rocker comes with a 1584 cc, 4 stroke V  twin Air Cooled engine, meant to produce around 125 Nm torque and 68 HP with a top speed of nearly 120 miles per hour.

Now, this isn’t a completely blessed motorcycle and Harley Davidson Rocker Problems are still there on board to affect its performance and your riding experience.

If you are interested in or planning to get this bike, you must know these faults and problems along with tested and established fixes to each of its problems to get the most out of it. 

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Harley Davidson Rocker Problems

The Harley Davidson Rocker’s Problems include Failure of bearings in the wheels, and tires, color fading, scratches on chrome, uncomfortable seating, engine issues, compromised fuel mileage, overweight, suspension, and clutch failures with an expensive price tag and a kind of overlooks.


1. Bearing Failure

Failure of wheel bearing is one of the most common, frustrating, and expensive problems with Harley Rocker, particularly on its front wheel. There are neck bearings in the wheels and it starts producing clicking noise.

This noise is mild at the start and you will just notice vibration or hardly hear the noise. However, it keeps getting worse until it fed you up.

Technically, these wheel bearings are coming off as they get loose. Normally, this becomes noticeable when this motorcycle touches 5000 miles on the meter and more.

The issue is particularly the lack of oil, less or improper oil. So, you must check its oil as well.

The bearing requires oil for perfect working but the bearings here dry out a little early. However, if you are maintaining your machine regularly such as mechanical checkups and oil levels, this issue will never come, or you will know before its arrival.

There are many reasons why the bearing gets dry and your wheel starts making noise. If you run this bike for long routes with fewer brakes, it will contribute.

If there’s a hot climate, the bearing will be affected and if there are issues with the brake rotors, it might still make an issue.

Normally, the bearing collapses at speed above 50 MPH and even multiple times, certainly. As per reports, there are a few cases with 2 and even 3 times bearing failure and the bike hasn’t touched the 15k miles yet.

Also, it’s a better approach to change these bearings whenever you change its tires at under 5000 miles. This way, you can save major accidents as well as money.

2. Uncomfortable Seating and Engine Problems

This is an even bigger problem than the failure of the bearing. Because there’s not even a single Harley Davidson Rocker owner who has never faced or complained about this issue. The stock seat is well cushioned, feels soft, and looks attractive.

However, it’s the opposite in real life. You won’t get what you pay for in this stock seat.

Many users reported its discomfort and lack of support, although being fully loaded with cushioning. There’s a gap between the fender and the seat which gives it kind of a high look.

This gap is around 3.8 cm which you need to get rid of by reducing the height of this machine. The build quality is also not as expected, especially considering the price you pay for this motorcycle.

The seat doesn’t give you a proper and lucrative seating posture, which affects the rideability. Seat height as well as lowest and a big mess for medium and tall riders as their riding posture will be the most uncompromised and it also limits the control and machine’s maneuverability.

So, to save yourself from leg cramps and to get the best comfort out there to enjoy every single mile you ride it, it’s always advisable to remove the stock seat and install a custom comfortable seat that you like the most.

Other than its seat, there’s an issue with the engine mainly due to fuel issues, battery, and some components that may often fail. Luckily the best part; there’s not any known fault in this motorcycle for the engine department.

It means you can prevent these issues from happening by taking a closer look at it and always having a scheduled maintenance check on time.

3. Compromised Fuel Mileage and Weight Problem

With the 1584 cc 4 stroke fuel injection engine, you get a variety of fuel mileage ranging between 44 MPG to even 52 MPG both in worst and best cases respectively.

Officially, the mileage is above 50 MPG, which gets down with time. There are many reasons why it happens.

The fuel mileage is often compromised on this motorcycle when you compromise on its fuel quality by regularly adding the wrong gas grade into it. It will work best with the high octane for the performance and power, as well as the fuel efficiency.

However, there are certain other departments you need to check. The first is any leaks because this machine, like many others, is prone to leakage issues.

Not the tank, but the deterioration in fuel lines, pump, and clogged fuel filters for carburetors. These all things affect the performance and you get a compromised fuel mileage.

Unless you take deep care of your bike, maintain its components, and replace any worn-out or malfunctioning components, it will not work. It is still not a good machine for long rides. It’s a better option if you have an hour to enjoy it and you have a cruiser standing in your parking lot.

Also, it would only be a good choice if you already have any experience with the cruisers and you know how to maneuver them. Because the motorcycle is weight heavy and its foot pegs are front mounted requiring long legs with firm grip both on the road and the motorcycle.

4. Suspension and Clutch Failures

There are issues related to suspension on this motorcycle. The suspension quality is impressive indeed and they don’t hurt your back or the riding experience while they are on the run. However, the suspension is still a mechanical system and it can fail.

The same happens on the Harley Davidson Rocker and its suspension fails sometimes. Not entirely, but the components are like forks as they are prone to leak, and sometimes very often.

Harley is using telescopic forks and they can leak sometimes and spit out the fork oil. These forks leak under 5 to 7,000 miles and especially if you are running these bikes for a long while

However, the fix is still easy if things haven’t gotten worse. If there are no cracks on the forks, you can still fix them by changing their fluid and they will be great again.

Similarly, there have been clutch issues, as it may break very often. Some users reported clutch failure while the machine was just a year old or less and the clutch fell apart.

In early warranty periods, the owners didn’t need to pay for this failure, but it will be a big cost and mess since the bike has been 15 years old since its first generation.

The frequent failure of the clutch that too on new fairly low miles models represents issues with the clutch assembly time and the clutch body was never installed correctly.

Thankfully, there are no other reports or issues with the down or upshifting of the gears or any kind of gears being hard to shift.

5. An Expensive Price Tag and Color Fading

With all these facts and figures with problems and issues, you still have to pay a hefty amount to get this bike.

Even on this date, you are supposed to pay nearly 10 grand of your money to get a mint condition Harley Davidson Rocker that works great and a couple more for legal and quick maintenance purposes. That’s why they are less common bikes and people buy them less often.

If you could skip these issues through luck and proper inspection, test ride, and experience, there’s still a chance you will end up dealing with color fading and chrome issues, all related to the finish and appearance that adds up to its beauty.

As for the riders who have classical taste buds and prefer bulky cruisers over modern designs, it will still be a go for them.

The color still could fade if the bike has been under consistent sun exposure and there have been reports of even rusting, but mostly for poorly maintained old bikes instead.

To protect and maintain this motorcycle, you can Vinyl wrap this motorcycle. It will not only protect your bike, it will also enhance its beauty and you have plenty of choice to go as per your likes or dislikes since there are loads of options in the market for the vinyl wraps.

Harley Davidson Rocker User Reviews:

“Value for money good ride and much better to handle than the custom softail I had before.” Source: reviewcentre.com

“Everything about is good. I wanted something that had more rake and a big fat back tire. Got it at Goe Harley in Angleton, TX. I think it needs a stage 1 Screamin Eagle breather and some Vance & Hines big radius shoes. That’ll do it for me. And I’m putting on an exotic. Covered the leather seat off of a Rocker to lower it a bit. “Source: reviewcentre.com

Technical Specifications of Harley Davidson Rocker:

EngineV-Twin, Air-Cooled
Displacement1,584 cc
Bore x Stroke95.3mm x 111.1mm
Compression Ratio9.2:1
Fuel SystemElectronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI)
Final DriveBelt
Front BrakeSingle 292mm, 4-Piston caliper
Rear BrakeSingle 292mm, 2-Piston caliper
Front Tire90/90-19
Rear Tire240/40-R18
Wheelbase1,758 mm
Seat Height699 mm
Ground Clearance130 mm
Fuel Capacity18.9 L
Dry Weight311 kg


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