14 Best Touring Motorcycles For Beginners

When we hear the word “touring motorcycles,” we think it’s a matter of experienced and professional riders with plenty of knowledge and decades of experience in touring.

To a major extent, we agree with this because touring motorcycles aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. 

They are complex in design, bulky in weight, and more powerful in performance.

Tourers are less maneuverable and uncontrollable for new riders and beginners. 

But it does not mean you should now go home disheartened.

We are here to present you with the Best Touring Motorcycles For Beginners because you have all the rights to enjoy on tourers.

Without any further wait, let’s get into it.

Are Touring Motorcycles Good For Beginners?

Well, there’s never a good or bad thing for beginners or touring motorcycles.

As long as you are enjoying it, you are loving it and you are comfortable on it, the motorcycle is good for you.

Generally, touring motorcycles are heavy and they are meant for covering very long distances. Beginner riders don’t often go this long, nor can they handle heavy motorcycles.

So, does it mean they are not good for beginners? Well, it’s not completely true.

There are certain touring motorcycles meant for beginner or entry-level riders.

As a beginner, you can opt for lightweight and less powerful tourers instead of fully loaded and bulky touring motorcycles.

These touring motorcycles are the safest and most comfortable, which means they are good for beginners.

Best Touring Motorcycles For Beginners

There are many types of touring motorcycles in the “touring motorcycles” category.

But two of them are more common, known as “touring” and “sports touring” motorcycles.

So, this Beginner Touring motorcycle guide dominates these two types since they are reliable, popular, and maneuverable.

So, let’s begin!

1. Honda CB-500 X Travel Edition

The CB500X by Honda has made it to the top of this article. 

If you ask for the opinion of expert motorcyclists on beginner touring machines, they will surely come up with this name, too.

CB500X is more successful for riders looking to start their motorcycling life. 

You get everything you need, and you pay for it with CB500X.

It is an adventure bike, it technically and practically handles all touring needs. 

CB500X will be along with you when you are planning for an upcoming long ride.

The weight is 435 lbs, maneuverable for beginners. Its handlebar is classy and boosts your rideability. 

The upright seating position offers a 33-inch seat height, making your rides easier.


  • 471cc four-stroke, parallel twin, liquid cool engine generating 47 HP and 32 ft-lbs torque.
  • Versatile and standard ABS brakes with ADV suspension
  • Reliable engine, durable bike, and maneuverable long-distance rideability
  • 6 Speed manual transmission, smooth power, dual sports tire, and a good resale


  • There is not enough luggage capacity and no stock saddlebags in a few models
  • Seating comfort and brakes could have been better
  • Unadjustable suspension and no switchable traction control

2. Benelli TRK 502-X

Even Chinese manufacturers are making decent touring motorcycles for beginners

Benelli is a Chinese manufacturer who used to be an Italian brand till 2005.

The TRK 502X is a good tourer. 

Technically, it’s a sports adventure motorcycle, not an official touring motorcycle. 

However, the ADV motorcycles make the best touring feeling for freshers.

TRK 502-X is an affordable motorcycle featuring valuable insights to please its riders. 

The motorcycle has a comfortable riding position at a 33-inch seat height and features good rideability. 

It features a stable platform for long-distance riding, and road presence is good too.


  • 499cc, parallel-twin, liquid cool engine with 47 HP power and 33 ft-lbs torque
  • 50 MPG economy, smooth-to-shift transmission, featuring easy maintenance
  • Inexpensive motorcycle containing handguards, luggage rack, and crash bars
  • Perfect wind protection, lightweight exhaust, and wet sump lubrication


  • Prone to electrical problems and vibration at consistently high speed
  • Missing traction control and manufacturing defects in some
  • A heavy motorcycle at 515 lbs and underpowered suspension

3. Suzuki GSX 650-F

Suzuki GSX 650-F is a true sports touring motorcycle, not an adventure machine.

It is a budget-friendly motorcycle that you can get anywhere you want, and it will surely go with ease.

This good boy has great practicality and adequate performance to offer. 

The rideability is great and convenient since it comes with adjustable and reliable suspension systems on both sides.

The seat is in one piece; you can’t have a passenger comfortably, but you do get a good experience for yourself. 

The balance of the motorcycle is amazing as it has low handlebars with a windshield.

Aero Style Crash Protectors are available in 2008 and later models. 

So, if you are planning for a used GSX 650-F, you will still have plenty of safety along with ABS and Dunlop tires to be great.


  • 16 valves, 656 cc, four-stroke, liquid cool engine with 86 HP and 46 ft-lbs torque
  • Crash Protectors, lower handlebars, and windshield fighting turbulence greatly
  • Smooth power delivery and 50 MPG average fuel consumption


  • Stock tires do not feature good traction
  • Brake pads wear out frequently and quickly
  • The Center stand needs to get better and more durable

4. Kawasaki Ninja 650

Ninja 650 is the perfect match for people looking for supreme comfort and the extreme speed in their beginner sports touring motorcycles.

Compared to the TRK 502X, CB500X, and Suzuki GSX 650, the Ninja 650 may sound and look overwhelming

Because it has a sports bike look and lack of stock saddlebags confirms that.

Despite its sporty looks, the Ninja 650 is a touring motorcycle featuring marvelous comfort in its seating.

The price for this machine is also affordable, which means you won’t have to break your piggy bank to purchase it. And, if you want to save more, you can get a used Ninja 650.


  • 649cc, four-stroke, parallel-twin, liquid cool engine with 67 HP power and 47 ft-lb torque
  • Decent fuel economy at over 52 MPG and 170 miles tank range in a 4-gallon fuel tank
  • Inexpensive, reliable, and maneuverable motorcycle with a tall windshield
  • Efficient brakes, lightweight at 425 lbs, reliable components, and modern ergonomics


  • Non-adjustable suspension in front
  • Handlebar vibration issue at high speed
  • Using Halogen lamps instead of LED lights

5. Suzuki V Strom 650

Another 650 cc touring motorcycle by Suzuki

If you prefer Japanese touring motorcycles over American, Chinese, or European makes, this particular Suzuki has a lot to offer.

Compared to many rivals, the Strom 650 is not pretty famous and “reliable” according to some. 

Yes, it’s not famous, but No, it is a reliable motorcycle and a long-term touring machine.

The V Strom 650 is an easy-to-control and maneuverable motorcycle for medium-speed but long highway travel. 

It does not feature a great look, and the platform is bulky, but it’s still worth it.


  • 645cc, four-stroke, liquid cool, V-twin engine with 70 HP power and 46 ft-lbs torque
  • On & Off-road touring motorcycle featuring a comfortable seat and good posture
  • Flawless 6-speed manual transmission with preload adjuster suspension chassis
  • 52 MPG fuel consumption with260 miles tank range and 125 MPH top speed


  • Not built for high speed due to less maneuverability
  • LED lights do not feature good design and visibility
  • An improper windshield is not meant for high-speed rides

6. CFMoto 650 Adventura

Adventura 650 by CFMoto, is a reliable look if you want something cheaper but have no problem with the manufacturer’s origin.

CFMoto is a Chinese manufacturing brand of good quality.

The Adventura 650 is a medium-weight touring motorcycle featuring a decent weight-to-balance ratio while you ride it.

Adventura is an inexpensive and proper touring motorcycle, not an ADV.

So, you can expect a better performance and feel out of it. The ride quality is spectacular and maneuverable on it.

The Adventura 650 has an adjustable windshield to adjust as per your height and the volume of wind resistance you need to maintain.

It is not perfect at high speeds due to bad airflow.


  • 649cc, four-stroke, liquid cool, parallel-twin engine with 60 HP and 41 ft-lbs torque
  • Adjustable windshield, Continental ABS for wet and dry, with an EFI fuel system
  • Middleweight tourer with adjustable suspension and more than enough handling
  • 46 MPG fuel economy and 200 miles tank range due to its 4.75 gallon fuel tank


  • Not a reliable motorcycle in long-term
  • Lacks convenience features and many safety options
  • Soft suspension and heating problem

7. Kawasaki Versys 650

Another touring motorcycle from Kawasaki is because Kawasaki has the best machines.

Versys has two variants in its family. The first is a 300 cc, while this one is in a 650cc engine. 

There’s a 1000cc variant, too, but it’s never meant for beginners. 

The 650cc is a median touring motorcycle from this fleet. The 1000cc Versys is too big, while the 300cc is small for longer rides.

The Versys 650 has a reliable engine providing enough power to meet long and highway touring needs without compromising on comfort and handling.

It comes with the stock luggage as well.


  • 649cc, four-stroke, liquid-cool, parallel-twin engine with 64 HP power or 44 ft-lbs torque
  • Adjustable telescopic suspension with comfortable seating for ease on long rides
  • Easy to handle, balanced chassis, versatile ABS, and also features a good handlebar
  • Fuel-efficient engine with traction control grip with an electronic cruise control


  • Not good and stable at high speed
  • Brakes and suspension can be better
  • A basic speedometer and TFT display

8. Triumph Tiger Sport 660

It’s impossible to miss Triumph motorcycles when talking about touring machines.

The Triumph Tiger Sport 660 is a motorcycle meant for beginners, but having confidence, they can surely make it. 

Sport 660 is an amazing long-distance motorcycle featuring a durable chassis.

This motorcycle has a powerful braking module based on ABS and impressive traction. 

Not just this, the indicators are LED and feature an adjustable suspension on its rear side.

Its TFT display is easy to look at and does not cause a headache. 

The weight is around 450 lbs, considerably handleable enough for beginners, too.


  • 660cc, liquid-cool, 3-cylinder engine with 81 HP in power and 47 ft-lbs in torque
  • 60 MPG as its fuel average, featuring 225 miles in tank range with its 4.5-gallon fuel tank
  • Adjustable suspension, quality brakes, and a good TFT display
  • High handlebars and durable build quality


  • Seat height is not good for short-height riders
  • Does not contain a cruise control
  • Small foot pegs and overheating over a traffic signal

9. Honda NT 700V Deauville

It is a mid-range touring motorcycle that Honda produced in 2015.

It’s a great selection for people looking to get a used but inexpensive touring motorcycle for beginners.

Deauville has an impressive build quality, and the comfort quality is exceptional for the price. 

You can look at it if you want to cover a long distance and plan to sit for several hours.

Deauville 700V comes with stock saddlebags to carry your stuff in your touring.

The Combined Braking System is integrated and features good rideability due to impressive handlebars.


  • 680cc, four-stroke, four-valve, V-Twin, liquid cool engine with 65 HP and 49 ft-lbs
  • Digital ignition, with CBS brakes and comfortable seating
  • It can also be used as a daily commuter if the engine is well-maintained


  • Compromised fuel economy due to lack of fuel injection system
  • Stock suspension can wear out and weaken in long-term running

10. BMW Trophy F-850 GS

BMW touring motorcycles are extremely reliable and comfortable due to their powerful engines. 

If you have plans of touring your motorcycle cross-country, the F850 is an amazing start

BMW GS series is a reliable motorcycle series you can consider for a lifetime.

The engine is its main characteristic, providing you with an endless performance.

It is not pretty good at off-road touring, but if you are focusing more on highways and city roads, the BMW Trophy F-850 GS is a “done for you” machine.

Braking, suspension, handling, engine, reliability, and feel are going to be its major highlights.


  • 853cc, liquid cool, parallel-twin engine with 94 HP power and 68 ft-lbs in torque
  • Good suspension, comfortable seating experience, and reliable brakes have
  • 40 MPG fuel economy and around 200 miles tank range with its 15-liter fuel tank
  • TFT display with Bluetooth, keyless entry, heated grips, traction, and cruise control


  • Quick shifters are missing, and cruise control is basic
  • Expensive maintenance work in selected states of the US

11. KTM 890 Adventure

Let’s get on a long tour with the KTM’s adventure machine, known as 890 Adventure.

It is not a true touring motorcycle but a dual sports bike optimized for touring as well.

KTM 890 Adventure is the best choice if you are looking for a touring and commute combo, that too without spending all your wealth. 

You can go on touring, super stores, and offices as well.

It is a considerable All-in-One machine as it’s offering off-road, too.

If you have this motorcycle in your garage, you don’t need any additional motorcycles for your different kinds of riding needs. 

It’s packed with several conveniences and a few safety features.


  • 889cc, parallel-twin, liquid-cool engine with 101 HP power and 72 ft-lbs in torque
  • 42 MPG fuel economy and 235 tank range with its 5.25  gallon capacity fuel tank
  • Off-road friendly suspension, digital and modern screen with quick shifters
  • Easy to handle motorcycle with effortless cruise control on highways


  • Not good wind protection, especially for high speeds
  • Inaccurate fuel gauges and ABS are prone to problems

12. Yamaha Niken GT 890

If you need more power and stock durable saddlebags for long rides, the Niken GT 890 is a reliable motorcycle you should be looking at.

Niken is a proficient and practical motorcycle. 

Yamaha incorporates an effective platform in this motorcycle so that you can lean a bit backward and get some rest on your already long rides.

The grip on the roads provides you with a true grip on trips and tours. 

Its engine is powerful, but it looks classy, making you fall in love with it. 

The suspension is fully adjustable in this bike.


  • 890cc, liquid-cool, four-stroke, Euro-5 engine with 113 HP power and 66 ft-lbs torque
  • Fully adjustable and reliable suspension with an impressive braking ability
  • Cruise control, adjustable TFT display screen, and comfortable seating
  • Medium seat height and low handlebars


  • A heavyweight motorcycle with 600 lbs body weight
  • A comparatively expensive touring motorcycle

13. Yamaha Tracer 9 GT

Tracer 9 GT by Yamaha is the last, which is truly for intermediate and experienced tourers.

If you prefer modern looks with the most durable saddlebags and outclass engine performance, the Tracer 9 is your boy. 

You can take this motorcycle on the highways and expect it to become a horse

The engine contains a plethora of power in it.

You can’t miss its comfortable seat if you are seriously considering taking it for long rides.

It is almost a closer sibling to the Niken GT 890 but contains premium looks and features.


  • 889cc, three-cylinder, liquid-cool, Euro-5 engine with 117 HP power and 68 ft-lbs torque
  • Provides 56 MPG on the meter and over 220 miles as its tank range
  • Adjustable front and back suspension with cornering ABS and traction control
  • Stable rides, premium build quality, modern and attractive looks


  • Meant for beginners with enough skills to maneuver it easily
  • The engine is a bit complex to repair and maintain for beginners

14. Triumph Bonneville T100

Another Triumph touring motorcycle worth noticing for beginners

Well, not for “true-beginners” but for ex-beginners now looking to get one step closer to more power.

The best match for this motorcycle would be a person who prefers classic looks from the 90’s. If you can handle a 500 lbs motorcycle, this machine is maneuverable for you.

In return, you can expect a bundle of controls and convenience features along with a reliable and powerful 900cc engine. 

Look-wise, the motorcycle does not appeal since it’s extremely simple.

It might not feel like the premium-most motorcycle, but it feels decent with its comfortable seat.


  • 900cc, liquid-cool, parallel-twin engine with 54 HP power and 59 ft-lbs in torque
  • Brings 55 MPH in fuel economy but only 150 miles in a one-time refill tank range
  • Balanced and a value-to-money touring motorcycle for advanced beginners


  • Extremely classic and boring looks for teenagers and modern design lovers
  • Low revving engine, large capacity motorcycle but a bulky machine (500+ lbs)
  • Slightly more expensive motorcycle than its rivals




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