5 Best Honda Grom Clone [Worthy Buying?]

The Honda Grom is one of the most impressive, most popular, and most versatile entry-level motorcycles launched by Honda in 2014.

Its impressive power figures for the price, economical fuel average, and maneuverability for beginners or people looking to learn to ride make it reliable and a relaxing machine. 

Day after another, its popularity is increasing as well as its demand. To cover the demand and supply chain, Honda sometimes increases its price making it expensive day by day.

However, thanks to the other brands and Chinese manufacturers for cloning Honda Grom.

Best Honda Grom Clone


1. Benelli TNT 135

The TNT 135 from Benelli is one of the most favorite and the closest clones of Honda Grom, almost in all major departments.

In some spots, you will find it superior to the Genuine Grom other than its pricing, and in other locations, it might feel a bit compromised as well.

The best reason to choose it as the favorite Clone is it’s made by a proper motorcycle manufacturing brand known as Benelli.

It is an Italian manufacturer and you won’t see any compromise on quality and safety standards, from build quality, and parts to ABS and suspension.

TNT 135 clone has Italian designs and Chinese manufacturing, so we can say it’s half Italian and half Chinese. Powered with Electronic fuel injectors, has a 134.7 cc four-stroke, single-cylinder, oil-cooled engine giving you an output of 13HP and almost 7.5 ft-lbs in torque.

The genuine 2023 Honda Grom offers 9.7 HP in power and almost similar (7.7 ft-lbs) in torque. So, it’s an advantage over genuine ones. Similarly, the fuel average is roughly 120 MPG which is 14 to 15 miles less than Grom itself.

It has got a bigger engine than Grom’s 124 cc engine. In most US States, the Grom is not highway legal as they allow a minimum of 125cc engine to make it highway legal.

The Benelli TNT has got a 135cc engine which means it’s going to be legal where Grom itself isn’t.

Also, the TNT weighs around 267 lbs and the Grom weighs around 227 lbs, so there’s a difference in control and maneuverability to some extent.

It can not uphold modifications since they are less available for TNT 135. For the price, it’s at least $1000 less than the Honda Grom.

2. Razkull 125 SSR

The second most popular, reliable, and deserving clone of the Honda Grom is the Razkull 125 by SSR motorcycles. The 125 SSR is a 125cc engine which is equivalent to the Grom’s and it has around 8.5 HP in power, 1.2 HP less than the genuine Honda Grom.

This 125cc engine is a four-stroke, air-cooled, and single-cylinder engine using a carburetor fuel supply which is more outdated than the fuel injection-based Honda Grom.

Due to this, you will get no more than 100 MPG for its fuel economy which is around 30% less than the real Grom.

For the torque figures, the Razkull offers 6.9 ft-lbs, which is also less than the Grom. However, both Grom and Razkull have the same top speed. 

It uses a four-speed transmission and the same series tires both for the rear and front wheels. The modifications are also pretty hard but its pricing is a major factor.

The Razkull 125 SSR comes at least half the price of the genuine Honda Grom.

3. TAO Hellcat 125 SSR

The TAO hellcat is sometimes known as a motorcycle but some might call it a dirt bike, which it isn’t. As per the appearances, it’s almost hard to find a difference between the TaoTao hellcat and the actual Grom.

So, you can say, it’s the closest clone of a Grom.

Now, other than its appearances, we need to look for its internals because its performance figures are what matters a lot in the decision factor.

The Hellcat comes with a 124cc engine which is technically an air-cooled 4-stroke engine based on just a single cylinder as usual.

This machine provides over 6 or 7 HP in power and around  5.5 to 6 ft-lbs in torque which is far less than Honda Grom. Not to forget, the Taotao does not give any clear reading for these figures, which means it’s only the assessment from experiences.

However, what TaoTao can’t deny is its very minimum top speed of 45 MPH. The maximum fuel efficiency to expect is just 55 MPG which is way less than Honda Grom’s 135 MPG.

Similarly, the machine uses old school carburetor technology and it has four-speed transmission in it.

The hellcat weighs around 206 lbs which is lighter than a Honda Grom making it more maneuverable. However, the best part to know is its minimal pricing.

With an MSRP of just 1200 USD, it becomes the cheapest clone of Honda Grom on the planet to save as much money.

4. Kymco K Pipe

Kymco has another amazing Clone of the Honda Grom known as the K-pipe. It is a US manufacturer and all their motorcycles are made in the United States, which means you won’t get any build quality or safety issues.

The K-pipe 125 was launched in 2020 and uses a 125cc four-stroke air-cooled single-cylinder carburetor engine which is old-tech again. For the same reason, you will get a slightly compromised fuel economy which is limited to 98 MPG, but you won’t get more than 95.

The engine produces over 8 HP in power while Kymco claims to provide over 6 ft-lbs in its torque at roughly 6000 RPM which is not less.

This carburetor engine comes with 4-speed semi-automatic transmission along with a smooth gear shift assist in all these models.

It has a fuel capacity of 1.2 US gallons, the seat height is 33 inches, more than enough for medium height riders, and nearly 225 lbs in dry weight which is equivalent to Honda Grom.

Kymco uses telescopic forks in its front and mono shock for its rear suspension.

The modification seems to be a bit difficult on this machine but it already has basic features you might require such as a digital speedometer and instrument cluster.

Coming to its price, the Kymco has set its price to $2250 for its exclusive variant you might find right now.

5. Icebear Fuerza

If you are worried about modifications and aftermarket spare parts for your Honda Grom clone, and you haven’t found a match, now you have one.

Meet Fuerza from Ice Bear, the second cheapest Honda Grom clone in the market. It is a pure Chinese motorcycle brand by the way.

In some states, it is going to be a street-legal motorcycle due to its 125 cc four-stroke air-cooled single-cylinder engine. You can get an output of 6.3 HP, a torque of 5 and something ft-lbs along with a 4-speed manual transmission system with a top speed of just 49 MPH.

Icebear Fuerza features disc brakes and aluminum wheels that are lightweight. The overall weight of this motorcycle is roughly 185 lbs which is far less than Honda Grom.

On one hand, it offers an ease of riding but it sometimes does not move stably on windy highways.

If you are concerned about pricing and its fuel economy, you should never because it is an economical machine.

The Icebear Fuerza provides a magnificent fuel economy of 80 MPG but it’s way too less than Honda Grom’s 135 MPG figures. Also, a few parts are hard to find in some regions.

However, it comes for no more than $2000 MSRP in most US states.

Why Should You Get A Honda Grom Clone?

Of course, the clones are not as popular and reliable as its master copy, I mean, the original Honda Grom, but it still manages to be successfully cheaper and a value-to-money thing. 

Generally, the Honda Grom clones are found as low as almost a third of the price of a real Grom.

With the rise of popularity and demand, Cloning is also on the rise. At some point, it’s a good thing since these clones are getting better or more efficient giving close calls to the real Honda Grom.

But, finding the best Honda Grom clone is still a challenge for some passionate learners.

With the best possible clone of Grom, you can save several hundred thousand and get almost an 18/20 similar experience as you are riding a genuine Grom.

Instead of getting a genuine yet expensive Grom just to learn to ride, it’s the best choice to opt for the Honda Grom Clone.

Is it Good to Get a Honda Grom Clone?

Yes, You can start learning motorcycle riding with a Honda clone and save a tonne of money. Later, once you are confident and skilled enough, you can get a genuine motorcycle for your needs.

This is a more suitable option for students as they have a hard time-saving money.

Getting a Honda Grom Clone is one of the wisest and smartest decisions you will make. These clones just buy and drive machines to start learning immediately.

People prefer clones as they intend to buy and drive these motorcycles for a year or two and then change them, even if there’s no technical issue or problem.

Some clones are even customizable which means you can modify it the way you want and keep it for up to 5 or more years.

Most of the clones (we have reviewed below) are available at online stores and Amazon. It means you can purchase them without any hassle such as going to miles away dealerships, negotiating, paying for insurance, waiting for long delivery schedules and delays, or other things.

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