Are BMW Motorcycles Expensive To Maintain? [Cost Breakdown]

BMW is a well-known and expensive manufacturer of sports motorcycles and luxury vehicles. On top of its purchasing cost, you have to consider the maintenance cost as well.

Because, before or after purchasing the bike, the riders often ask the question. Are BMW bikes expensive to maintain?

Yes, BMW motorcycle maintenance can be costly.

As compared to other brands’ motorcycles such as Aprilia, Harley Davidson, or KTM. On average, the annual maintenance cost of the BMW motorcycle can be around $900 to $1,500. The first major service for the BMW bikes would cost you around $400-$1000.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the cost of maintaining BMW motorcycles including the oil change, tire replacement, financing, and so on.

So, let’s get further into the details!

Are BMW Motorcycles Expensive To Maintain?


BMW motorcycles have highly reliable and durable engines. Also, these are luxury motorcycles, so you should expect the overall maintenance cost accordingly.

The overall maintenance cost depends upon several factors. This includes your location and availability of repair parts. The model of the bike, and the way the rider rides it.

These high-performance engines need a well-trained person to deal with their technical components.

So, the labor cost required to maintain or replace any component on these bikes is higher, since these bikes have high-performing engines.

Overview of BMW Motorcycles Maintenance Cost

RepairCost of Repair
Oil Change$350 to $400
New Tires Pair$150 to $250
Brake Pads$100 to $150 
Chain and Sprocket$250 to $300 
Throttle Body Balancing$100 to $175
Headlights, Brake Lamps, and Indicators$100 to $300
Ignition Switch$130 to $480
Coolant or Fuel Pump$150 to $200 
Valve Clearance Adjustment$200 to $850 

1. Oil Change & Engine Parts

The major expense of the BMW motorcycle is the gas cost. On average, a rider spends $1000 to $2000 annually on the gas. If you are a daily rider or traveler, expect to pay more.

Further, you’ll need to change the oil more frequently if you’re using the bike for a daily commute or for riding it on long distances.

On average, the cost of changing the oil and the filter can cost anywhere from $350 to $400. 

The labor can be around 150 – 350 USD. 

To ensure the optimum performance of the BMW bike’s engine. You’ll need to change the oil and oil filter at intervals of 7,500 to 10,000 miles or within 12 months.  

If you’re hearing any knocking sound from the engine, take it as a sign to change the oil. 

Changing the oil helps to improve the performance of the bike. Also, well-lubricated components will keep the engine running smoothly.

The price of an oil change varies a lot if you’re doing it on your own and have access to the tools, you can change the bike’s oil for free except for the cost to buy the oil at $25 to $45.

The gas cost on your motorcycle depends upon the state, or country you’re living in, as well as how many miles you travel. For some riders the gas cost around $15-20 per week.

One of the most fuel-efficient bikes is the BMW F650GS with a fuel economy of 63 MPG. Also,  with one full tank, it can go around 70 miles per gallon.

2. Tires and Transmission Work

Maintaining the bike regularly requires checking the tire’s air pressure, and if it’s worn out.  Usually, the motorcycle tires don’t last longer. So, you’ll need to replace it after the interval of 1000 km or 600 miles. 

Tire replacement is an ongoing cost that you’ll need to consider. Each tire has a specific life span depending upon the usage of the bike, you’ll need to upgrade it once every 5-6 years.

The tire replacement for bigger bikes can be around $150 to $250 for the labor, excluding the price of tires. The labor cost for replacing the tire would be $35 each.

If you’re changing the tires yourself, it would cost you $100-$180 to buy the tires and the labor will be free.

Along with changing the tires, you’ll need to replace the brake pads and the shoe as well. Replacing the brake pads on the BMW bike would cost between $100 to $150.

Replacing the chain and sprocket on the BMW bike would cost between $25 to $300.The recommended set of chain sprockets is BMW Motorrad which you can check out.

3. Insurance and Financing

Insuring a motorcycle is generally expensive. Also, the BMW bike is considered one of the luxury brands, so the cost of getting the bike insured is usually higher.

On average, the insurance cost of the BMW bike can be around $750-$2000 depending upon the model, location, riding history, rider’s age, or the coverage selected.

Getting your bike insured isn’t always necessary. But, in some states, it is required by the law. It’s a protection from any sort of damage, theft, or unexpected financial loss.

Also, it can cover the repair, replacement, or medical bill cost in case of any injury after an accident.

The premium rates will also depend upon several factors such as the state’s law, the type of motorcycle you’re insuring, and the year of the bike. 

Financing the motorcycle is also a great option. If you want to purchase the bike right away but don’t have enough cash. Once you’ve secured the bike, you can pay the money later on.

The terms and conditions of financing a motorcycle vary according to the contract chosen, the price of the bike, your credit score, and several other factors.  

Financing a motorcycle seems to be a complicated process, but in fact, it is simple and straightforward.

In case, you’ve enough cash for purchasing the bike, then go for it. As you wouldn’t have to pay the interest.

4. Gears and Accessories

Before riding the bike, it’s necessary to invest in purchasing high-quality gear. This is important to ensure the rider’s safety. 

The essential gear items you’ll need to purchase include an armored leather jacket, helmet, gloves, boots, and pants. Prefer purchasing a full-face helmet, these are best in terms of providing protection of the chin, jaw, or face.

You can expect its cost to be around $150-$300.

 You can purchase a pair of high-quality gloves for under $200. The overall expense for purchasing the basic gear can be anywhere around $600 to $1000.

While purchasing the gear to look for the top-notch quality, it’s better to buy the best at once rather than spending it over and over again.

5. Speed Tickets and Licensing

If you want to ride a motorcycle on public roads, then getting a valid license is mandatory. On average, getting a license would cost anywhere between $200 to $500.

It’s important to ride your bike legally. Otherwise, it can lead you to pay huge fines. There’s a general process for licensing. However, it can slightly vary from location to location.

It’s one of the most common violations in the US. Around 41 million drivers receive a speed ticket annually.

In different US states, the average cost of a speed ticket is around $150. In some other states, these speed tickets can be as low as $50 and as high as $2,500.

If you do not violate the speed limit, then no cost for that.

Usually, the cost of each ticket depends upon the state’s law. Also, at what miles above the speed limit was the person riding? Speed tickets can lead to further consequences such as an increased insurance premium rate. 

Once you’ve received a speed ticket, you’ve to pay its cost. Also, if it goes on the rider’s record. There are higher chances that the insurance premium might go up.

BMW Maintenance Cost Compared to Other Brands

ServiceBMW Ducati ApriliaHarleyKTM
Oil Change$350 to $400 $165 to $230$40 to $65$100 to $700$105 to $ 170
Tires Pair$150 to $250 $200 to $420 $80 to $250$100 to $300 $25 and $150
Brake Pads$50 to $80 $147 to $240$45 to $100$40 to $300 $20 to $40
Chain Sprocket$25 to $120$ 130 to $300 $45 to $ 200 $70 to $150 $30 to $150 
Headlight and Indicator$100 to $225$160 to $300$200 to $500 $30 to $300 $30 to $300
Ignition Switch$130 to $400$250 to $700 $50 to $100$20 to $200$20 to $ 100
Coolant$150  to $200 $100 to $200 400 to $600$70 to $200$100 to $200 
Valves$200 to $350 $800 to 1200$90 to  $120$600 to $2000$100 to $150

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