2000 Harley Deuce Problems [With Easy Fixes]

Harley Davidson Deuce belongs to the Softail line of motorcycles and 1999 was the first year for Deuce in the market. The following year, Harley made some changes in plans and announced HD patent security for this machine. Harley Deuce proved to be a good motorcycle but still, it had issues and frustrating problems!

Later in 2001, Harley Davidson introduced a proper fuel injector system in this motorcycle because 1999 and 2000 Harley Deuce had Carburetor engines. We saw a few more modifications and upgrades making it more meaningful before its discontinuation in 2005.

Now after 2 decades, the 2000 Harley Deuce is earning some attention once again for the riders. However, when they look at 2000 Harley Deuce Problems, this excitement converts into frustration. Still, you should not worry if it’s covering your needs under a budget.

If you have plans for Deuce, this guide will show you all its problems with proper solutions.

2000 Harley Deuce Problems

The 2000 Harley Deuce Problems are catastrophic failure of the engine, stalling issues, relay problems, ignition failure, sensors malfunctioning, fuel pump components failure and power loss, wet electronics and failing spark plugs, brakes malfunctioning, transmission and rideability issues.


1. Engine Failure and Ignition Problems

Harley Deuce features a four stroke, V-Twin, 1449cc, air-cooled engine that generates over 60 HP in power and roughly 83 ft-lbs in torque at significantly low RPM. When this engine comes to performance, it delivers it exceptionally.

However, when it comes to faults, don’t imagine.

The engine of the Harley Deuce fails catastrophically, without any advance notice, sign, or failure symptom. You can only guess its problem when you are riding this machine and it suddenly cuts off. When its engine shuts down suddenly, it might not take way too long sometimes.

It might start instantly, or after trying for a few minutes. However, an unexpected shutdown of the engine can be very dangerous and it is also showing there must be some issues which you need to address as soon as possible.

Yes, there are several reasons, but the ignition problem is a major one. The ignition system of the Deuce fails suddenly due to a relay and ignition switch.

If the engine relay is bad, it will fail and cut off power from the engine and fuel system. When there’s no power, the engine will shut down and put you in serious trouble. But, if you can fix the relay, your Harley Deuce will come back to life so you can start and ride it once again.

The engine relay fails due to high current and spike of high voltages which burns it. When this happens, the motorcycle will start intermittently and you might hear a clicking noise as well.

Overall, your Harley Deuce might not start at all and the engine check engine light will blink.

This is a major failure of the ignition system but this component is not easy to repair. It takes time and effort, and still, the result won’t be everlasting. So, it’s better to replace the relay immediately which won’t even cost $70, but it will move your motorcycle flawlessly.

Another issue with the ignition switch is rust under the switch which might cause trouble. But its fix is simple, you can use rust removing solutions such as WD-40. Other than these two issues, there are not any ignition problems leading to engine failure.

However, you might still face a stalling problem as usual. There are several reasons for that as well, but we will take a look at the reasons in upcoming sections.

The sensors on Harley Deuce can fail, especially the bank angle sensor which you need to replace as soon as possible.

2. Fuel System Failure

Next on the line is a different set of issues with the fuel delivery and transmission system of Harley Deuce. Particularly, the issues have roots in the fuel pump. Now, some people might argue, what a fuel pump is doing in carburetor motorcycles.

Remember, both motorcycles can or cannot have a fuel pump in their fuel system because it depends on the model and design.

However, electric motorcycles are an exception to a fuel pump because there’s not any involvement of fuel or any relevant components in its design.

Carburetors and fuel injection motorcycles can have fuel pumps of a variety such as hydraulic or manual. The failure of the fuel pump in Harley Deuce happens due to failure in its coil injectors.

It demoralizes the whole fuel system and the fuel pump dies instantly.

Then, you need to replace the fuel pump which is what you need to do if your Harley Deuce’s fuel pump is malfunctioning. It causes power loss and a significant drop in speed.

Other than fuel pump failures, the fuel line can also fail. These lines are responsible for carrying fuel from the fuel tank to the engine and the rest of the components. Usually, these lines are made up of rubber causing deterioration.

You can repair some of the leaks but finding such leaks is as tricky as finding a needle in the desert. better replace these lines with stainless steel.

3. Electrical Issues

The electrical department is another most problematic area of this motorcycle. It alone causes nearly 60% of the problems within the Harley Deuce. Some problems are genuine failures while others can be due to the rider’s mistakes leading to a series of failures.

Such as the failure of sensors like tilt, CMP, and BAS sensors. These three different sensors have different functions. Your motorcycle won’t be working if these sensors are malfunctioning.

However, you can reset these sensors pretty easily. Otherwise, replacement is an option as usual.

The failure of sensors happens due to wet electronics. Now, you already know the reason for wet electronics. If you have been riding a motorcycle in rain and thunderstorms or you used to travel long without breaks, this is expected to happen.

The rainwater enters into several electronics and affects their functioning. Similarly, it is one of the reasons for rust in battery terminals. As for the battery terminals, there’s no need for panic because you can overcome it by cleaning the terminals properly.

Other electrical failures can vary from person to person and several experiences, however, failure of spark plugs also comes under it.

Clogged and malfunctioning spark plugs can cause starting issues as well as several more failures but replacing these worn-out plugs is the only solution.

4. Brakes and Transmission Issues

What If I tell you there’s a Harley motorcycle with ABS brakes but these brakes don’t function properly or effectively? Won’t you be worried? Of course, you will.

The same happens with the 2000 Harley Deuce. Harley uses single 292 mm disc brakes both in its front and rear braking. Both these brakes work efficiently when they are young and new, but start misbehaving once you touch 20,000 miles on them.

Various braking components start malfunctioning such as brake calipers, discs, and brake shoes as usual. The master cylinder does not fail commonly but still counts for its possibility.

To fix that, you need to replace these components and opt for high-quality parts.

Otherwise, upgrade the braking system on it which is more reliable, sturdy, and durable. Otherwise, you might keep hearing noise issues after a couple of months. The same goes for its transmission system. The transmission produces noise whenever you are shifting gears on it.

There are a bunch of oil leaks both in its transmission and braking fluids. It also contributes to these failures. However, if you identify the location of the leak and repair it perfectly, it won’t come again and the majority of parts will start working properly in the long run.

5. Rideability and Comfort Issues

The previous four problems are somewhat common and 2000 Harley Deuce riders commonly get it. However, the rideability and comfort related issues are not so frequent or common.

Some people might experience it while others might not since not every rider has the same taste and expectations of rideability and comfort. It all is a personal preference.

Some might not be happy with its handlebar or footpegs position. These two components are not optimized for riders with tall heights. So, they will always find it compromised. The seat comfort is almost good in this machine, but not extremely joyful for long rides.

There are visibility issues with its mirrors because it does not provide a large viewport to analyze the traffic on your back. The stock suspension is good, but it sometimes provides a bumpy ride, which you might need to get used to.

And yes, this motorcycle has a poor MPG limited to just 38 MPG, which means you will be spending considerably more on gas refilling.

2000 Harley Deuce User Reviews:

Very comfortable, has responsive handling, has classic but slightly sporty looks, and has lots of chrome. It has good power and cruises nicely at highway speeds. The brakes are okay but could benefit from twin front discs. Source: motorcyclenews.com

I’ve got 65,000 miles on my 01 Deuce.  It handles well, and I’ve maxed it out at 105 mph, not a wobble one. A very amazing machine. I LOVE my deuce. Source: motorcyclenews.com


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