Tacoma Wireless Charger Not Working [7 Easy Ways]

In the past years, you may have seen that apart from the Tacoma all the vehicles out there had no concept of wireless chargers and also you were not suffering from the Tacoma wireless charger not working issue.

But with the advancements in technology, wireless chargers became a necessity. Wireless chargers eliminate the hassle you face with the wires and their tangling issues.

But sometimes these wireless chargers may get into different issues and do not charge your phone properly.

If your Tacoma Wireless charger isn’t working don’t worry. I have compiled a list of all possible reasons with their solutions.

Let’s find out!

How to Fix Tacoma Wireless Charger Not Working

Toyota Tacoma Wireless Charger Not Working

1. Thick Phone Case:

Mobile cases come in a variety of designs and shapes. Their design intrigues you to buy one of them for your phone. But these pouches or cases can sometimes cause a nuisance to you.

There is a chance that the Tacoma wireless charger not working issue arises from your case.

Thick cases block the transmission of current from the wireless charger to the wireless charging coil of your phone. The inability to pass through the thick cases can lead to the Tacoma wireless charger not working.

You must buy a case to keep these things in mind that whenever you are out there in the market to purchase a case then you should prefer a thinner case over a thicker one.

This will help you to charge your phone wireless without any problem.


If you are facing the Tacoma wireless charger not working, then the problem might not be in your wireless charger but in your phone’s thick case.

To troubleshoot this issue you must buy a case which has a maximum thickness of 3mm.

  1. Place your phone on the wireless charger of your Tacoma and turn it on. Check if it is working.
  2. If not working then you should replace your case with another one.
  3. If still not working then you should remove your phone case and place your phone naked on the wireless charger of your Tacoma.
  4. If it is still not working then the problem is somewhere else and to troubleshoot it you should hop on to the next fixes.

2. Remove the Extras from your Case:

You may already know that wireless chargers work on the principle of electromagnetic waves. There is a transmitter and a receiver of these electromagnetic waves.

The transmitter is in your Tacoma’s wireless charger while the receiver of these electromagnetic waves is on the back of your phone in the form of a copper coil.

If there is any hindrance between the transmitter and the receiver then the wireless charger will not charge your phone.


  1. You should remove the thick cover or leather case if installed from your phone.
  2. Check out the back of the phone if there is any piece of paper stuck in there.
  3. If you have placed a credit or debit card in your phone’s back cover then there is a high probability that your wireless charger is not working due to these cards.
  4. Remove all these accessories from your phone’s back and then try to charge your phone by placing it on the charging plate.

3. Charging Tray is Dirty:

If following the above fixes you are still unable to solve the problem of your Tacoma wireless charger then you should look into the tray of the wireless charger itself.

There is a possibility that your Tacoma wireless charger not working due to the extreme dirt and oil on its surface. 


Check the surface of the charging plate and if it is dirty then follow the below steps

  1. Take a liquid cleaner from a spare parts shop. You should avoid using water and any other non-specific oil on the charging plate.
  2. Spray the cleaner onto the charging plate and rub it with the microfiber cloth to clean it properly.
  3. After cleaning with the spray, you should pick a soft cloth and remove the dirt and excess cleaner.
  4. After that place your phone onto the charging plate and check if it is working or not.

4. Alignment Issue:

To charge your phone properly you must have to properly place your phone on the wireless charging plate. If it is not aligned properly then it will not charge the phone and you will face the issue of the Tacoma wireless charger not working.

If you see the wireless charger of your Tacoma you will find a little circle in the center of the charger. This is the center for transmitting electromagnetic waves for wireless charging.

Placing the phone over it in a recommended position is crucial for maintaining wireless charging.


Place your phone on the charging plate of your Tacoma wireless charger properly as recommended.

5. Qi Incompatibility of your Phone:

You might know that your Tacoma wireless charger is based on the Qi wireless charging protocols. To make it function properly your phone must be Qi-enabled.

If your phone is new then there is a high chance that your phone is Qi-enabled but if your phone is an old model then this might not be Qi-enabled.

To check out the compatibility of your phone regarding Qi wireless charging you must check the owner’s manual or go to the official website.

If your phone is not listed in the Qi-enabled mobiles then you are unlucky and you have to upgrade to a newer phone or you can adopt the following method to make it work.

6. Buy a Qi-Enabled Wireless Adapter:

If your phone is an old model which you bought it years ago and also you do not want to replace it. But if you want to use the Qi wireless charging feature of your Tacoma then there is a solution for you.

You should buy a wireless charging adapter and you will be able to use the Qi wireless charging. This wireless charging adapter is available on Amazon and other online stores.

This wireless adapter works based on induction charging. It contains an induction coil that receives the electromagnetic waves from the Qi wireless charger and charges your phone. Attach it to your phone with a type-c or micro USB 2.0 connection.

You can use it by plugging it into your phone’s charging port and placing the phone on the charging plate.

7. Wireless Charging Fault:

If you have tried all the above features but you are still at no luck then you should check your phone properly for any possible fault.

You can check this by using another phone which is Qi-enabled and placing it on the charging plate.


If this phone is working then the issue is in your phone and you should claim it as soon as possible if it is under warranty or get it repaired by an expert.

But if this other phone is also not working then your Tacoma wireless charger is faulty.

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