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How to Use Motorcycle Tire Size Calculator?

1. Total Diameter:

Enter the overall diameter of the tire in millimeters (mm). This is the measurement from one end of the tire to the other, passing through the center.

2. Sidewall Height:

Enter the height of the tire’s sidewall in millimeters (mm). This is the height of the tire from the top of the rim to the edge of the tread.

3. Rim Diameter:

Enter the diameter of the tire’s rim in inches. This is the diameter of the wheel where the tire is mounted.

4. Calculate:

After entering all the values, click the “Calculate” button. Ensure that all three fields are filled in to get accurate results.


Suppose you know your tire has a total diameter of 630 mm, a sidewall height of 120 mm, and is mounted on a 16-inch rim.

You would enter:

  • Total Diameter:630
  • Sidewall Height: 120
  • Rim Diameter: 16
  • Then click “Calculate” to see the results.

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