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How to Use Motorcycle Repair Estimate Calculator?

1. Motorcycle Make:

In this, you’ve to write the brand or manufacturer name of your motorcycle. Such as Honda, Yamaha Harley Davidson etc.

Because the cost of parts varies across brands it will help to determine the cost of parts.

2. Motorcycle Model:

Here you’ve to write the exact model name of your motorcycle. For example, if you have Harley Davidson Street Glide, then in this you’ve to write Street Gilde.

3. Type of Repair:

Select what type of repair you’ve to do. If it’s engine-related then select “Engine” otherwise you can select body.

4. Damage Severity:

From this select the severity of damage to your motorcycle.

5. Labor Rate:

In this, you’ve to write the labor rate in numbers such as 15, 20, etc.

How Does This Calculator Work?

Let’s say you have a Honda CBR500R that needs a moderate engine repair, and the local shop charges $75 per hour for labor.

Assuming the predefined parts cost for a moderate engine repair is $200 and it requires 5 hours of labor, the calculation would be:

  1. Parts Cost: $200
  2. Labor Cost: 75×5=$37575×5=$375
  3. Total Estimated Repair Cost: $200+$375=$575$200+$375=$575
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