Honda Civic Trunk Won’t Close [6 Proven Fixes!]

Honda Civic has ample trunk space to carry the cargo, which comes in handy when you travel long distances. 

Sometimes, the Honda Civic Trunk won’t Close, and driving with an open trunk can be dangerous. 

In this article, I will discuss in detail all the possible reasons why Honda Civic Trunk won’t Close and their solutions. 

Why My Honda Civic Trunk Won’t Close

Honda Civic Trunk Won't Close

Here are four reasons that don’t let your Honda Civic Trunk close and keep the trunk opening in an irritating way

1. Sensor indicates a Key fob inside

The simplest reason someone can easily bypass it is to leave the key fob inside the Honda Civic. 

Its sensors sense the presence of the key fob and won’t let the trunk close. 

Therefore, before opting for any technical solution, ensure the key fob is out of the car.

2. Upper and Lower Latch Misalignment

If the metal parts on the latch in the Honda Civic displaces from its original position. For example, the upper and lower latch does not fall in the exact place. 

They are bent and will allow them to lock when you press the lock button on the key fob or manually close the Honda Civic’s trunk.

3. Dirt In The Latches

Over time, all the car parts need a detailed touch-up. At the same time, Honda Civic’s trunk latches are one of them. 

They accumulate dust and debris on them that prevents the truck from closing. 

4. Latch Not Working

An old latch would be hard to fix as it gets rusted over its parts. In that case, getting a latch from Honda Civic’s flagship store and replacing it yourself is easy. 

It comes with a user manual that includes instructions for replacing the latch and an appropriate key to fix the bolts.

How To Fix Honda Civic Trunk That Won’t Close

The following fixes would solve the most frustrating issue of your Honda Civic. 

1. Fauly Lock Mechanism

Your car trunk’s Lock can get stuck or jammed. Especially if you live in a cold climate, the freezing temperature can stop the Lock from properly engaging. 

In other cases, when you slam the trunk with force, it damages the lock system. You must put oil on the lock parts and try locking the Honda Civic again. That should lubricate the metal parts of the Lock and close the Honda Civic’s trunk. 

But unfortunately, if it does not repair the Lock, then replace the entire lock system. 

2. Clean Latches

The dust and debris collect in latches and need manual cleaning over time. These are off of the cause that prevents the trunk from closing.

Therefore, using a compressed air blower and removing dust from the latch is advisable. 

Alternatively, you can use a clean towel to remove dust from the trunk latch of the Honda Civic.

3. Look Out If Latch has Missed The Spring

The Trunk latch has a small spring that stretches the metal parts when the trunk is opened. Visually inspect for that small 1-2 inch sized spring. 

If that spring is not there, then the Honda Civic Trunk won’t Close. 

You can easily buy a bunch of these springs from a nearby hardware shop, and it will solve the problem for less than $5.

4. Catch alignment

If your Honda Civic has a dent from an accident, the dent in the rear of the car stops the catch in the trunk from latching. You need to realign the metal catch in the lid and lower part of the trunk.

It would be best to have a plier that would realign the catch in the original position. That should correct the alignment. 

But if it’s still dispositioned, open the screws on the latch and realign the catch until it latches accurately.

5. A Broken Electronic Connection

The Honda Civic trunk’ latch has an electric switch that locks the trunk when you electronically close it through a key fob. 

Following the damage to the rear part, or in any other case, the lock switch gets disconnected from the latch.

No worries, you just need to put the switch back in the Honda Civin Trunk Latch and it will respond to the key fob.  The reestablished electronic switch will allow the trunk to lock in an optimum position.

6. Latch Needs Replacement

Moisture damages the metal parts of the car.. It becomes frustrating to repair it repeatedly after trying all the possible hacks.  

Because once it gets rusted it is jammed and do not work properly. That’s where the trunk replacement becomes inevitable.

If you had no luck with greasing and cleaning the latch, then replace and install a new one with the help of tools that comes with the new latch.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Trunk?

It costs around $190-$250 to repair Honda Civic’s trunk that won’t close. The cost may vary in various locations.

 Also, if you are taking to a flagship Honda store, it would cost more as they will also include the dealership fee. 

What Is The Trunk Latch Mechanism

The trunk latch works by pulling the lever up inside it. The latch has an actuator attached with it. To close the trunk, the actuator lifts the lever. That align it in the locked state.

Once you press the key fob switch to lock the trunk, the actuator pulls the small lever and locks it by putting it in the lock position.

How Do You Release The Trunk On A Honda Civic?

In some instances, the key fob does not work. For example, if your car battery is dead or the lock is stuck, you need to access the trunk to open it manually. 

First, remove the physical key from the key fob and open the driving side door. 

Then reach the back seat. Behind the driving seat side of the back seat, there is a manual release for the trunk, which you can access by opening its cover.

Then, you can unlock and open the trunk by inserting the key. Turning the key in the slot in the clockwise direction will open the Honda Civic Trunk Manually.

Why Does My Truck Keep Popping Up In Honda Civic?

The most common reason the Honda Civic Trunk keeps popping up is that it has a strong sensor, which senses the key fob too close kept inside the car and prevents the trunk from remaining closed. 

Hence it would be best if you kept the key fob at a distance from the car trunk inside the Honda Civic. 

The second most common reason is that the lever of the trunk latch is worn out and cannot hold it locked. 

In that case, you need to clean it from the debris that it collects from extended exposure to dust on roads.

If the cleaning does not work, you must change the latch in the Honda Civic Car Trunk. If all other fixes fail, then The new latch will work perfectly.

Final Thoughts

The article covers all the reasons and the solutions if your Honda Civic Trunk won’t Close. A trunk latch is a metal assembly that can damage over time.

But remember, you can reach out to a good mechanic for assistance. So you will find an easy and quick solution to your problem.


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