Ford Edge Sunroof Won’t Close [5 Reasons with Fixes!]

The Ford Edge offers a sharply styled exterior with a panoramic sunroof that lets the light and fresh air come in.

There are sometimes when the Ford Edge sunroof doesn’t close, and it stops halfway. That can happen in any vehicle, and the Ford Edge is no exception.

If you are facing the same problem and curious to learn about possible causes and fixes, read along until the end. 

Why Ford Edge Sunroof Won’t Close

Ford edge sunroof won't close

Here are 5 reasons that block the Sunroof. Inspect your Ford Edge to know what’s stopping the sunroof from closing.

1. Sensors Stop Sunroof

Ford Edge sunroof has sensors for your security. The sensors are so sensitive that they will prevent the sunroof from completely closing if it senses any obstruction.

Originally, the feature was designed to ensure personnel safety, as when it senses a finger in the way, it won’t stop immediately.

Therefore, there is a possibility that something is obstructing the track. Therefore, you should inspect the sunroof for any object obstructing the complete closure.

2. Mechanical Problem

Sometimes a broken glass piece stuck in the track stops the Ford Edge from sealing completely. 

You can replace the Ford Edge Sunroof by yourself as it only requires you to fix the nuts and bolts in place properly.

3. Weathered Sunroof Track

The metal of your Ford sunroof requires manual cleaning. If you don’t clean it deeply, grease the rail track and remove all the dust and debris from the track, it will begin to get stuck. 

Therefore, you should regularly clean it. And if cleaning doesn’t work now you will need a new frame for the sunroof. 

4. Faulty Wire, Motor Or Fuse

Faulty electrics are the second most common cause of Ford Edge Won’t Close. 

If the motor has gone weak after years of use, you need to replace the motor. Or a wire disconnected from the motor can obstruct the sunroof. 

In that case, reconnecting the wire would move and close the sunroof completely. 

Lastly, you need to check the Fuse. if it is causing the problem then you will need to replace it.

5. Switch Malfunction

The sunroof won’t close or open If the sunroof switch on the inside of the Ford Edge roof stops working. 

How To Fix Ford Edge Sunroof That Won’t Close

Here are five solutions to fix a stuck Ford Edge Sunroof. All you need is a screwdriver and a multimeter.

1. Replace The Damaged wire

If the switch does not work, the wire must have a broken connection with the motor. To check it, you will need to open the switch box on the inside of the roof of the Ford Edge. 

Once it is open, you will see the motor and the wires connected to it. Reconnect a wire if it has accidentally disconnected. 

But if that’s not the case, use a multimeter to check each wire by putting its probes on the negative and positive ends if the multimeter reads 0 ohms. 

The cables are connected, and you want to look elsewhere. 

But if it shows high resistance, replace the wire, and your Ford Edge sunroof will close.

2. Check The Motor

If the sunroof motor is weak or not working, the sunroof will not close. Unusual noise from the motor as you press the sunroof button is a sign that Ford Edge has a faulty motor.

You cannot move it if it’s completely damaged. However, using a screwdriver, the sunroof can be shut down temporarily.

Using a screwdriver, open the Switch box in the roof and insert the Allan wrench in the motor. By turning it clockwise, the sunroof will begin moving slowly. 

Now manually push the sunroof glass and flush it against the edge to completely close. Now change the motor if you can do it, or seek help from an expert auto technician. 

3. Clear The Debris

It’s the simplest yet common cause of the Ford Edge Sunroof Won’t Close. The dust and debris clog the sunroof track. It sticks in the middle. 

It would be best if you thoroughly cleaned all sides of the Ford Edge Sunroof. It’s best to clean the track regularly to avoid such issues in the future.

4. Lift Arm Alignment

The sunroof rail and track need alignment. The guides can get in the way of the lift arm and obstruct its path. 

To view the lift arm, open the sunroof and align the guides to their position. Now lift arms should move nicely. 

5. Reset the Sunroof 

Vista Sunroofs in the Ford Edge puts a load on the battery. Therefore whenever you change a battery, the sunroof usually needs a reset. 

Follow these steps to reset the Ford Edge sunroof, as it will initialize its functions.

  • Start the Ford Edge and press the close button.
  • You press and hold the close button until it’s completely closed.
  • It will take a little longer, but press and hold the close button for 25 seconds once it closes completely.
  • After that, when you press the open switch, the Ford Edge sunroof glass and shade will open simultaneously and take only 7 seconds to open completely.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Sunroof Seal In Ford Edge

Its repair will cost you around $200-$500 depending on the area where you live as the repair cost varies. 

The cost will potentially rise if it includes repairing the broken glass along the sunroof seal and may take up to $800.

Is Ford Edge Sunroof Covered By Insurance

If you have purchased comprehensive insurance covering all the damage, it also includes sunroof damage.

So yes, an insured Ford Edge sunroof can get repaired free of cost.

Is There A Fuse For Ford Edge Sunroof

Yes, the Ford Edge sunroof motor has a fuse connected that protects the sunroof when voltage fluctuates.

Final Thoughts!

If Your Ford Edge Sunroof Won’t Close, you can try any of the DIY methods I described. Do not hesitate to try any of these methods, as these are very easy ways to fix a stuck sunroof.

But if you are not confident about applying these fixes, then seek help from a professional. Also, if you want to share anything, you can through comments.


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