5 Common CFMoto 650NK Problems [With Easy Fixes]

The CFMoto 650NK is a middle-weight sports-touring bike with a high-quality build and features. The highly reliable 659cc, liquid-cooled parallel-twin engine gives 60 hp and 41.3 ft-lb torque. 

It’s one of the lucrative choices in terms of power delivery and torque and is ideal for riding around the town or back roading.

Besides, providing a great riding experience with high-quality features built these bikes do have some issues that the rider might encounter.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the common CFMoto 650NK problems with their quick fixes.

So let’s discuss it further!

CFMoto 650NK Problems

The common CFMoto 650Nk problems include starting issues, overheating, power issues, underlying braking, suspension issue, throttle response, stalling,  idles, leakage, electronics issues, vibrations, loose nuts, and bolts.


1. Starting Problem

One of the common issues addressed by the CFMoto 650NK rider is the starting issue. The CFMoto 650NK does have problems while starting out sometimes. 

Some of the possible reason behind starting issue includes Inadequate air-fuel mixture, weak battery, worn out or dirty spark plug, fused starter motor, starter relay issues, carburetor maintenance, and clogged fuel Injectors.

If the bike isn’t starting, you should consider checking the gear, spark plug, carburetor, battery, fuel injectors, wires, or connectors.

In case, if the spark plug breaks, replace it with another one. Clean out the spark if there’s dirt gets inside it. An uncleaned spark plug can also cause the bike’s starting issue.

With time, the deposits and dirt get inside the fuel system blocking the passage of fuel into the carburetor and it fails to provide fuel to the engine.

Another reason, why the bike is not starting can be due to a dead or a weaker battery. When your bike sits for too long the battery loses its capacity to power up your bike.

In such a scenario, changing the bike’s battery can fix the bike’s starting issue.

The clogged injectors also resist the fuel from entering the engine for combustion leading your bike to doesn’t start at all. Cleaning out the debris and dirt from the clogged injector can open up the fuel passage to the combustion chamber.

Also, check out if the bike is neutral. You might have forgotten to put in the neutral gear which can also resist it to start.

You can also Jump start the bike from an external source to tackle the starting issue but it can damage the battery too.

2. Overheating Issue

Another common issue CFMoto 650NK riders address is overheating. A lot of the riders have experienced their bike excessively heating while riding. 

This can be challenging and costs a lot of money to get fixed if not addressed immediately. Some of the possible causes of this issue include:

  • Leakage in the radiator system, cooling system, or the engine itself 
  • Insufficient air-fuel mixture ratio inside the combustion chamber.
  • Insufficient or poor quality of engine oil.
  • Over-revving the engine at a lower gear. 
  • Issues with the radiator, cooling fan, or thermostat.

Since the CFMoto 650NK has a liquid cooling engine, check out if there’s any leakage in the cooling system, which can lead to overheating in the bike.

If you’ve found any leaking or breakage in the cooling system, replace or fix that specific parts.

Check out the fluids levels on the bike such as engine oil, brake fluid, transmission oil, and fork oil.  Make sure to check out the user manual and ensure that they’re at their recommended levels. 

The low fuel levels in the carburetor increase the friction leading to the overheating issue in these bikes. Another major reason for overheating is harsh riding, frequently over-revving, and changing gears at higher RPMs. 

When the engine provides massive power the chances of overheating get increased as well. This can be overcome by riding the bike at a lower RPM and avoiding excessive use of the throttle.

When the engine will run at low RPM eventually it’ll generates less power so the temperature will stay at the optimal level.

3. Underlying Suspension and Brake Problems

For a smooth and safer riding experience, a great suspension is an important feature. Not only it provides, a safe riding experience but provides more control, traction, and comfort on rough-surfaced roads.

A few riders complained about the suspension of the CFMoto 650NK bikes. The suspension of these bikes isn’t great as it’s stiff, especially while riding on uneven road surfaces. 

The front and rear suspensions of these bikes are not adjustable which resists its versatility. 

The suspension feature is one of the major cons that the majority of the riders have to tackle on these bikes. These lack the adequate suspension to subtly sting out of sudden bumps.

To fix this issue I’ll suggest upgrading the suspension of the bike.

For the braking, There are a lot of mixed reviews about its performance. Some of the riders have experienced a decline in rear brake performance as it doesn’t provide optimal performance.

If you’re not satisfied with the brake performance you can consider upgrading it.

4. Power Decline and Throttle Response

One of the issues on CFMoto 650NK is the sudden decrease in power while cruising at higher speeds. This sudden loss of power is not only frustrating but also dangerous.

Figuring out where the problem lies is crucial to find out the possible solutions. The reasons could be, a clogged spark plug leading to insufficient air-fuel mixture in the carburetor, or an overheated engine heating the lubrication oil.

Or, a faulty air filter, exhaust system issues, inadequate fuel or lubrication oil, or if the choke is turned ON.

The engine produces power using the air-fuel mixture from the carburetor that ignites inside the combustion chamber. This combustion generates power to transfer to the wheel.

In case the engine loses its power the rider experiences an obvious decline in performance. This can be fixed by cleaning or replacing the clogged air filter. The air filter is responsible for filtering out the fuel before it reaches the engine. 

A decline in the throttle response while riding is also an issue and the common reasons for this can be a lot. Including, clogged throttle plates with carbon deposits, clogged carburetors, low-quality fuel, faulty throttle position sensors, or worn-out spark plugs.

The spark plug ignites the air-fuel mixture in the combustion chamber. If the wrong spark plug is fitted to the engine, it can lead to poor throttle response and reduced acceleration.

Installing the right size spark plug can fix this problem. Also, clean the spark plug thoroughly or replace the spark plug in case it’s worn out due to the lack of maintenance.

This resists the flow of fuel which will cause a poor throttle response. Thoroughly cleaning the carburetor opens up the flow of the fuel.

Some other fixes for a poor throttle response can be upgrading the exhaust system, replacing spark plugs, changing air filters, and installing a cool air intake.

5. Stalling and Idle Issue

Often times the bike stalls and fails to idle. This happens when the bike fails to provide sufficient power from the engine to the rear wheel. One of the major reasons why these bikes stall is the insufficient air/fuel mixture in the carburetor. 

Also, it can be due to the rider failing to engage the clutch and decelerating the throttle while shifting the gear or stopping.

A few more reasons causing the bike to stall include worn-out linkage between the carburetor, poor throttle valves, excess throttle cable play, fuel pressure, and vacuum leakage.

The stalling and idle issue in CFMoto 650NK bikes can be fixed by checking the fuel and oil levels, sealing, and gasket, or adjusting the throttle cable play.

Before buying, you should also read about the CFMoto motorcycle’s reliability.

CFMoto 650NK Users Reviews:

“I use this bike only during weekends. Overall it’s a pretty good bike I must say, but it is not so easy to maintain. The ride quality is up to the mark, the Speedometer isn’t that accurate. The lack of service centers is negative.” Source: Reviews of CFMoto 650NK

“650 nk is a perfect bike, I don’t know why people are hating this bike, It is a most value-for-money bike. Fuel economy is 17 to 23 depending on your riding style. Maintenance is quite a tough job, Performance wise great though not as good as other sub 600cc bikes.” Source: Reviews of CFMoto 650NK

CFMoto 650NK Technical Specifications:

TypeParallel twin, 8-valve, liquid-cooled
Bore x Stroke83mm x 60mm
Compression Ratio11.3:1
Maximum Power60.35 HP (45 kW) @ 9,000 rpm
Maximum Torque56 Nm @ 7,000 rpm
FrameTubular steel diamond frame
Front SuspensionTelescopic fork
Rear SuspensionMonoshock with adjustable pre-load
Front BrakeTwin disc, with ABS
Rear BrakeSingle disc, with ABS
Dimensions and Weight
Length2,114 mm
Width757 mm
Height1,100 mm
Wheelbase1,415 mm
Seat Height815 mm
Dry Weight206 kg
Fuel Capacity17 liters
Front120/70 ZR17
Rear160/60 ZR17

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the unrestricted power of a CFMoto 650NK?

The unrestricted power of this is 52kW.

What is the top speed of the 2017 CFMoto 650NK?

Its top speed is 111mph.

What is the fuel economy of CFMoto 650NK?

The fuel economy of CFMoto 650NK is 21km/l.


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