5 Buell 1125R Problems (With Easy Fixes)

The Buell 1125R has been a popular option for motorcycle enthusiasts since it has a powerful V Twin 4-stroke 1125cc engine. Also, it’s budget-friendly, and some riders even compare it with Harley and Ducati motorcycles due to its supersonic performance.

Not just the bike itself, the Buell 1125r Problems are also popular, and some of them are quite frustrating.

If you are looking to get a Buell 1125r, you should think and take note of its problems in advance.

In this article, we will take a detailed look at all common and uncommon problems in Buell 1125R.

Let’s get into each of them, one by one.

Buell 1125R Problems

The common Buell 1125r problems are stator and rotor issues, a weak battery, overheating, spark plug failure, leakage and malfunctioning of the clutch, idle issues, failure of bearings and sensors, issues with fuel, and a noisy chain in high mileage models.

Buell 1125R Problems

1. Starter and A Weak Battery

There’s hardly a Buell 1125R owner who has never faced battery issues on this motorcycle. It is the most recurring, frustrating, and expensive problem in the Buell 1125R.

It is expensive in a way; if you can’t fix the battery, you have to replace it, and that is a costly fix.

Several Buell 1125R owners reported the weak battery issue, especially after 10k miles, leaving you and your bike in total pain.

The voltage starts to drop, the current does not transfer properly, and the battery starts to discharge sooner and rapidly.

The charging issue is devastating in a way that it ruins the starter, and Buell 1125R fails to start or run. Its starter motor wears out and causes trouble in starting the engine. The solenoid also malfunctions, and the bike starts losing hope.

Undoubtedly, the battery is the very first thing to fall in a motorcycle, but it’s too quick in Buell 1125R.

One of the contributing factors is problematic electrical components in it, and more importantly, the starter.

It fails first before failure of the battery is not supposed to charge.

Now, replacing its starter or the battery after diagnosis can make things better, but it should not be the first and only step to take.

If you find its battery in the perfect condition, you can get the most out of it if you keep maintaining its volts and clean both terminals so they don’t rust out.

And, if you still need to replace it, opt for a better and more high-quality battery.

2. Problematic Clutch

The Buell 1125R is equipped with a hydraulic clutch to power your rides at their best and a better transmission experience. While there are many benefits of a bike with a hydraulic clutch, they commonly leak and affect one’s rideability.

The Buell 1125R clutch certainly leaks due to damaged clutch seals and clutch case. Then, the clutch may even slip and reduce the performance.

The clutch leaks mainly due to any damage or impact, as well as due to wear and tear in the components.

Clutch leakage is a known fault in the Buell 1125R, and if you have to replace them in case of failure due to excessive usage, the replacement cost is also huge in some cases.

Typically, a clutch never fails, or at worst, it fails at 20k miles due to improper maintenance. But in Buell’s case, some owners reported its failure mileage as low as 1400 miles.

As a fix, depending on the nature of the failure, you may need to replace the whole clutch system and sometimes certain components of the clutch, like a lever, actuator pistons, flywheel, clutch plate, and casing as well.

Not only does it fail due to leakage, but it also fails due to wear and tear.

3. Stator and Rotor Overheating

The Buell may encounter certain issues related to overheating, especially in the engine components. And an overheating stator and an overheating rotor are the most common issues on  Buell 1125R, making it kind of a known fault on this motorcycle.

One of the reasons behind an overheating starter and rotor is there’s an insufficient or ineffective cooling mechanism.

The cooling process failed due to some problems in it, leading these components to overheat.

If the air vents around the stator are blocked due to oil or debris particles, it will affect the cooling and encourage overheating. Also, if you have installed aftermarket electric components, it may contribute to the cause. Because they are not properly installed.

The same goes for alternators; it also overheat due to additional components, improper cooling, and mainly due to uncontrolled current.

A bad battery can also lead to this, so make sure it’s in perfect health.

A perfect battery can fix 90% of the electrical problems in a motorcycle.

You need to keep checking the oil levels so any component will never run out of cooling. Upgrade the aftermarket components and choose them with appropriate currents and volts.

4. Spark Plug And Low Idle Problems

Generally, it is a common failure in almost any motorcycle on the earth. A spark plug fails mainly due to excessive carbon build up on them, especially if you constantly run the engine at low speeds at high gears, and also due to low-quality fuel.

Not just that, it can also fail if the components are wearing out, the oil is leaking, and a piston is failing due to improper valve clearance.

The best way to fix them is to keep an eye on their spark plugs and clean them so they can’t build carbon again. Otherwise, replace them and use the right engine oil.

The low idle happens mainly due to clogged valves with carbon, dust, and mud deposits.

The throttle body also contributes because you need to maintain and adjust the cable, tension, and components like the bore and plates in it.

If you check these things on time and maintain them, it won’t happen again.

5. Bearing Failure and Fuel Boiling

Discussing the uncommon first, which is the failure of bearing in its axle, handlebar, and wheel. It is uncommon because it’s never reported in low-millage Buell 1125R motorcycles.

Instead, it is reported in 70k+ miles of bikes or more. Buell is unfunctional and there are no officially brand new parts anymore.

However, the best part of Buell 1125R; it can share bearings, washers, and gaskets of other brands too.

To get rid of this issue or avoid this at all, you should make a routine of lubricating the cross joint in handlebars and any part with washers and bearings in it. Especially the rear suspension which certainly fails, you should pay proper attention to it.

Check for any misalignment, use Amsoil oil to maintain these components, and adjust them when it’s necessary and needed.

Now, the common one is the boiling fuel in the gas tank due to an overheating tank and fuel lines.

It is reported by many 1125R owners certainly due to excessively hot engines and further vapor locking in the fuel delivery network leading to gas tanks through the fuel lines.

Another reason is there’s a wrong selection of fuel or putting in a poor quality ethanol-rich gas since they have a low boiling point. Such fuels can boil even at 75-78°C. A 91 and 92 fuel has a low boiling point while I recommend using 95 gas, with a boiling point of +150°C.

Use ceramic coating outside of your tank to avoid such issues, especially if you constantly ride in hot climates. A heat foil can also do wonders but ceramic coating looks more attractive.

Make sure to give your machine some rest, and take a look at your temperature sensor. Sometimes, this sensor can also go bad as it’s been widely reported on Buell 1125R.

Buell 1125R User Reviews/Feedback:

“Could be so much better. The engine is a peach and the bodywork quality is excellent. Unfortunately, the centre of gravity is too high to make it handle well but once you learn its abilities it can take it to the best of them. The starter system sprag clutch and flywheel are way too expensive for wear and tear parts.” Source: Buell 1125R Reviews

“Buells/EBRs have no peers, they stand on their own. Most misunderstood bikes offer the experienced ride something unique. It is shrouded in mystery as few ever get to ride the 1125R long enough. My bike has full race ECU & suspension and 1190rx brakes with touring pillion seats and panniers for long-distance 2-Up riding. This bike with 2-Up hauls easily, hard cruise at any speed, hooks a corner at 45 deg and stops exactly where you want, it has brilliant lights. I consider it a very safe sports touring bike.” Source: Buell 1125R Reviews

Technical Specifications of Buell 1125R:

Engine1125 cc, liquid-cooled, 72-degree V-Twin
Maximum Power146 hp @ 9,800 RPM
Maximum Torque111 Nm @ 8000 RPM
ClutchWet, multi-plate
Fuel SystemInjection. Dual 61 mm down draft throttle bodies, DDFI III fuel injection
Front Suspension47mm Showa inverted forks, adjustable compression, rebound damping, and spring preload
Front BrakesSingle disc. 8-piston calipers
Rear BrakeSingle disc. 2-piston calipers 
Front Tire120/70 ZR-17
Rear Tire180/55 ZR-17
Wheelbase54.6 inches (1,387 mm)
Seat Height30.5 inches (775 mm)
Dry Weight375 lbs (170 kg)
Fuel Capacity5.6 gallons (21.1 litres)
Top Speed161 mph (259 km/h)
Source: 2008 Buell 1125R Specs

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Buell 1125R reliable?

Yes, the Buell 1225R is a reliable motorcycle. However, some owners have complained about some problems, but you can easily fix them.

Is the Buell 1125R fast?

The Buell 1125R has a top speed of 161mph/259 kph. So, we can say that it is a fast motorcycle.

Wrapping Up

Have you experienced any problems with your Buell 1125R? Do you have tips or workarounds that weren’t mentioned here?

Please share your experiences and insights in the comments below.


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