Triumph Motorcycles Maintainence Cost [Detailed Guide]

Triumph makes decent motorcycles, and they incorporate enormous power. Often, people ask, “Are Triumph motorcycles expensive to maintain?” and we get different verdicts each time.

Yes, Triumph motorcycles are more expensive to maintain than Yamaha, Honda, or Kawasaki. The maintenance cost is sometimes even higher than Harly Davidson or Royal Enfield.

On average, Triumph riders spend around $600 per annum for the first 2 years and up to $1000-1500 after 2nd year and onwards for maintenance.

For the extensive services, the cost is always different; since the motorcycle is gaining age, you will come up with issues. Fixing them will cost you. So, you can add additional expenses for these.

But it all depends on several factors that make it expensive or inexpensive.

Let’s dive in!

Are Triumph Motorcycles Expensive To Maintain?

Triumph Motorcycles maintenance cost

It all depends on the motorcycle you have, the model it has, the condition, whether it is brand new, whether its engine was rebuilt, or for what purpose you got it.

Overview of Triumph Motorcycles Maintenance Cost

RepairCost of Repair
Oil Change$100 to $150
New Tires Pair$450 to $600
Brake Pads$45 to $80
Chain and Sprocket$200 to $280
Throttle Body Balancing$120 to $150
Headlights, Brake Lamps, and Indicators$200 to $320
Ignition Switch$50 to $80
Coolant or Fuel Pump$400 to $550 ($180 for Coolant)
Valve Clearance Adjustment$200 to $220

1. Oil Change & Engine Parts

Well, we can’t calculate how much gas you will need or how much it will cost. A Triumph motorcycle has a life of around 100k miles, and the Bonneville 120 is the most fuel-efficient Triumph on earth.

Gas may cost between $400-1000 annually if you ride around 10k miles.

However, Gas is still a cost to consider, and it’s important because it shows the engine’s health. If your Triumph consumption is high, chances are your engine is running rich.

What we can calculate is the mileage, and your motorcycle needs an oil change after every 10,000 miles. This is where the Triumph costs more than competitors. The oil change costs between $100-150, and it includes an oil filter.

If you do it yourself, it should cost less than $100. An oil change from the Triumph dealership would cost you even more. It is still a fair cost for a motorcycle like this at 10k miles.

If you do a coolant and oil change with a filter at 10k, it will cost you between $400-450 for these tasks.

Some people would change their oil at 12k, some would even wait for 15-20k, and riders like me would prefer 5k miles.

Of course, it’s a cost, but it makes the engine healthier with fresh oil twice a year. Because you will have little to no wear and tear in cylinder bores and camshafts.

A Reddit user said:

A lot of the expensive electrical parts can be sourced from cheaper after market dealers like ricks motorsport electrics. That being said, fewer bikes means that the parts will be a bit more expensive. Aftermarket parts are usually about the same prices though.

Credit: Triumph Motorcycles a Lot Expensive

2. Tires and Transmission Work

Tire work is one of the most expensive parts of the maintenance cost in Triumph Motorcycles. It’s a part of on-road costs, and suspension is the reason sometimes.

Every Triumph owner has to face this expensive issue that adds up to the overall cost of maintenance.

Since Triumph motorcycles can run over 150k kilometers and have a life of half a decade at least, owners need to replace and upgrade their tires. Michelin tires suit best and cost between $200-300 each.

The rear tire requires replacement more frequently than the front tire.

On every 10-12k kilometers, the rear tire needs to be changed, and on every 20k kilometers, the front tire needs to be changed.

With tires, you need to change the brake pads or shoes to get things on the smooth side. Brake pads are not that expensive, but if they are still in great condition and respond nicely, you can carry them.

You can get the Triumph brake pads for $45-80.

You should change them at least once in 10k miles to keep getting great performance out of it. 

15k miles for the chain and sprocket set. The sprocket chain set costs $200-250, depending upon the model of your motorcycle.

3. Insurance and Financing

Yes, it’s a cost, but you should get insurance for your Triumph since it is a machine and it might be damaged. Most of the US states require insurance, and some don’t (let’s say Arizona and Virginia).

Even if you live in states where insurance is not an obligation, you should still get it.

With the insurance policy of your motorcycle, you can enjoy different coverage, including theft protection or selected damages (excluding periodic maintenance).

There are many ways to save big bucks on insurance as well, but they aren’t expensive either.

Don’t mind spending $200-800 on a 15-grand motorcycle.

Triumph itself offers Prepaid Maintenance service with included coverage of transmission, engine, suspension, axles, brakes, steering, electrical, fuel system, and gaskets.

With priority support, You can avoid several unpredictable, unpredictable costs.

4. Gears and Accessories

Accessories and motorcycle Gear are costs that we don’t usually count since they are unexpected. Depending upon the stuff you need, you can save or put money into that.

A general gear and accessories arsenal for a motorcycle should contain a safety helmet, chest protector, Pants, boots, GoPro, and Gloves.

All these life-saving things of decent quality could cost anything between $1000-2000, more or less.

Instead of replacing and upgrading your standard quality gear every season or annually, you should invest one time and grab the best or high-quality gear to save both your money and time.

5. Speed Tickets and Licensing

Unlike dirt bikes, motorcycles need registration and each US state has laws and regulations to monitor this. Registering your motorcycle and licensing it is a legal process that requires time and money.

You need to pay tax and a certain fee depending upon your state and the motorcycle’s weight or age and value.

So, this also puts a cost on your head and increases the motorcycle price. The same goes for the speed tickets if you get any, depending upon the state, highway, and charges on you.

Other than having a number plate, you will get a title too that acts like a proof of ownership under your name.

If you want to sell the bike in the future or transfer ownership, you will have to show its title to your dealer.

The information on a title includes brand, state of registration, model year, VIN, speedometer reading, and owner’s name. It has several types, but let’s put it another day.

Triumph Rocket 3 Maintenance Cost

Triumph Rocket 3 maintenance will cost you from $300 to $500 depending on your state, dealer, and mechanic.

You should do the first service for your Triumph Rocket 3 after 600 miles which will cost you $495 if you go to the Triumph dealership. However, if you use a third-party service, you can save some money.

The second service is done after 10,000 miles and it will cost you something around $350, again it depends on several factors.

Triumph Rocket 3 Service Intervals and Checks:

MileageKilometers Checks
10,00016,000Engine oil renewal

Engine oil filter renewal
Comprehensive checks of fluids
20,00032,000Valve clearance
Camshaft timing
Spark plugs renewal
Air filter renewal
Fuel filter renewal
30,00048,000Fork oil renewal
Swinging arm spindle lubrication
Rear suspension linkage lubrication
40,00064,000Final drive oil renewal
Headstock bearings lubrication

Triumph Tiger Service Cost:

You should do the first service of your Triumph Tiger after 10,000 miles in which you need to change the oil and oil filter. The oil filter will cost you $20 and the oil change $100.

So, if you do this yourself, then your Triumph Tiger’s first service cost will be $120 and if you take it to the dealer they will charge you $100 extra for labor.

You can do a second service after 20,000 miles in which you should replace the spark plug and check for valve adjustment and camshaft timing.

The cost for this can be around $1000 because you have to do many things in the second service.

You can find the Triumph service center from here.

Triumph Motorcycle Maintenance Cost Compared to Other Brands Motorcycles

ServiceTriumph BMWHarley DavidsonKawasakiRoyal Enfield
Oil Change$100 to $150$90 to $120$130 to $150$150 to $250$100 to $120
Tires Pair$450 to $600$380 to $450$500 to $700$380 to $650$350 to $400
Brake Pads$45 to $80$30 to $40$20 to $50$30 to $40$30 to $45
Chain Sprocket$200 to $280$120 to $150$200 to $300$180 to $250$150 to $220
Headlight and Indicator$200 to $320$190 to $220$200 to $280$250 to $400$ 180 to $200
Ignition Switch$50 to $80$70 to $80$40 to $70$ 70 to $140$100
Coolant$180$100 to $120$70 to $100$200 to $300$150 to $ 170
Valve Clearance Adjustment$200 to $220$200 to $250$250 to $500$500 to $1500$200 to $300


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