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I’m Mike and I’m passionate about motorcycles and car lovers. I started with a Mechanical Engineering degree, specializing in automotive design and performance enhancement.

I worked with various automotive manufacturers, contributing to the design and development of high-performance engines and vehicles.

In founding “Your Motor Geek,” I aimed to create a platform that not only shares my extensive knowledge but also fosters a community of like-minded people

Co-Founder-Zeeshan Younis

I’m Zeeshan, and I’ve been driving offroad vehicles, motorcycles, and jeeps since I was a kid, I love nothing more than exploring the outdoors in my Jeep, Motorcycle ATV, and UTV.

I grew up in a small town in New Mexico, and that’s where my love for vehicles started. There were no paved roads where I lived, so we had to drive on dirt trails to get around.

These days, I still enjoy getting out into nature as often as possible. But now, I also take along friends who also love spending time outdoors on motorcycles and offroading vehicles.

Author-Usama Ansari

Usama Ansari is a passionate writer with a keen interest in bikes and automotive vehicles. With years of experience and expertise in the field, he is quite familiar with many vehicles.

His knowledge and love for all things related to bikes and automobiles have shaped his career, making him a trusted source of information and insights.

Proofreader-Talha Younas

Talha Younas is an automotive author and expert who specializes in jeeps and cars. He grew up in a family where the love for automobiles was a shared passion.

His father owned a car repair shop, and Talha spent much of his childhood surrounded by engines and machinery.

He is actively involved in supporting education in automotive technology.

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